#milk4syria turns 3 today!



Karam's Milk4Syria project is unique. For 36 months, Karam Foundation has consistently provided communities in Northern Syria with a supply of infant formula. Because this project is ongoing, it relieves local relief workers of the difficult task of procuring infant formula. Karam does not believe in one-time handouts; instead, we believe in providing the communities we serve with sustainable aid that matters. We call it Smart Aid. We begin by asking the people we help a simple question: What do you need? 

#Milk4Syria is definitive of Karam Foundation's "Smart Aid" principle of giving aid that matters and providing WHAt is needed according to local requests in an impactful and sustainable way.

Since 2013, our team has provided communities inside Idlib in Northern Syria with a consistent supply of infant formula. The infant formula is purchased at a wholesale rate and distributed to families in need via local Syrian relief organizations and volunteers through the Milk4Syria Distribution Center in Binnish. The center runs on a monthly voucher system which is dependent upon the need of the family and the number of infants that require infant formula. The center is managed by a Pharmacist and employs two women to oversee distribution. Families have traveled from all over northern Syria to receive milk from this center. 

Due to the increased demand for infant formula, we have recently opened a second distribution center in Jisr al Shughoor to serve more communities. 

Read more about Karam's #Milk4Syria project, here.

karam's miracle babies

We have many sets of multiples benefitting from the Milk4Syria Distribution Center: including one set of quadruplets that were born one day after a heavy bombardment of barrel bombs on Binnish. And one set of triplets that were born outside of Binnish while their family was seeking refuge in another city (during internal displacement).

Our miracle babies are the true embodiment of resilience. That despite all that goes on, people are still living their lives and attempting to thrive.

testimonies from mothers

“I have twins, Safa and Marwa. I am unable to breastfeed. Luckily I received help from Karam’s center. I am pleased because now I can provide milk to my kids. Without Karam’s help I would never be able to buy milk for my kids. Milk4Syria helps save so many children in these hard times.”
— Imaan
I use the milk I receive from Karam’s distribution center for my baby Mohamed and his younger sister Fatima. My financial situation is very difficult. I cannot afford to buy basic things that me and my family need. I don’t know how to thank Karam for all of your generous help.”
— Rabi'a