Lina Sergie Attar Lina Sergie Attar is the co-founder and CEO of Karam Foundation. She is a Syrian-American architect and writer from Aleppo. She co-developed Karam's Innovative Education initiatives: the creative therapy and holistic wellness program for displaced Syrian children and the Karam Leadership Program, an entrepreneurship and technology program for displaced Syrian youth. Sergie Attar frequently travels to the Syrian border in southern Turkey to run Karam’s Smart Aid programs. She was named one of GOOD magazine's 2016 GOOD 100 for Karam's innovative work with Syrian refugees. Her articles and essays have been published in the NYT, Chicago Tribune, Foreign Policy, Politico, and BBC. She has appeared on CNN, NBC News, BBC News, Huffington Post, NPR and other media outlets. Sergie Attar has spoken about the Syrian humanitarian crisis at schools, universities, and institutions including: RISD, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Loyola, Northwestern, DePaul, Bentley University, Philips Exeter Academy, King's Academy in Jordan, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Tahrir Institute, and others. Sergie Attar is a co-founder of the How Many More? project and serves on the Board of Directors of The Syria Campaign


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Nada Hashem is the Director of Operations at Karam Foundation. She is a Syrian-American pursuing her M.S. degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems, with a concentration in Health Informatics. At Karam Foundation, she hopes to help bring technology opportunities and solutions to improve and develop Karam Foundation's operations and programs. Nada coordinates the bi-annual innovative education missions to Syrian border towns in southern Turkey. She has 5 years of experience in organizing nationwide and worldwide campaigns to raise awareness about the needs of the people in Syria and the ongoing refugee crisis. Hashem has spoken at various institutions and media outlets including: University of California Riverside, California State University Fullerton, KPFK 90.7, Reuters, and ABC7.  Nada is the co-founder of the How Many More? project and nationwide student organization Students Organize for Syria.


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Samia Akhras, a Syrian-American from Chicago, IL, has been a part of the larger Karam family since it was founded in 2007. Samia studied Psychology at DePaul University and officially joined the Karam Team as an intern in 2014. She is a two-time mentor at her favorite Karam Foundation program, Zeitouna, a creative therapy program for Syrian refugee children. Beyond dedication and passion for the Syrian cause, Samia loves to play volleyball, eat Chipotle, and spend quality time with her nieces and nephews. 


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Maya Fallaha is the Director of Financial Operations and Humanitarian Aid Coordinator. She first volunteered with Karam Foundation coordinating the #Milk4Syria campaign. She has an extensive background in International Relations with a focus on development and food insecurity which she plans to bring to her new role at Karam. She also has 3 years of experience in operations and management and plans to use her expertise to help develop new funding and growth strategies. Maya resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and son and enjoys traveling, hiking, and tackling DIY projects.


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Abdulrahman Y. idlbi

Innovative Education Consultant

Abdulrahman Y. idlbi is an Innovative Education Consultant at Karam Foundation, where he develops learning environments for Syrian refugee youth residing in Turkey. Abdulrahman has been investigating creative learning activities and settings that empower young people in displaced communities to meet their educational and psychological needs. Before moving to Turkey in 2014, he was a member of the MIT Scratch Team ( contributing to the programming language that allows children to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Abdulrahman received his Master's degree from MIT where he was a researcher with the Lifelong Kindergarten group. Before that, he worked in Syria and Saudi Arabia, designing and implementing diverse programs for young people to learn and create in various contexts. Abdulrahman has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Damascus University.

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AJ AlHasan

Project Coordinator • Reyanli, Turkey


Abduljabbar (AJ) Alhasan received his degree in English literature from Damascus University in 2008, and English teaching degree in 2004 from the Teachers' Training Institute in Hama, Syria. AJ has extensive experience in curriculum development, classroom management, early childhood education, student assessment and behavioral management. Before joining Karam Foundation, he was a teacher at the Salam School and worked with Karam during three Innovative Education missions in 2013 and 2014. AJ works with the Karam Reyhanli Team on our on-the-ground operations in Reyhanli, including coordinating our Sponsor a Syrian Family Program, Innovative Education missions, and Smart Aid projects. One of his most special qualities is his ability to make Syrian children laugh, play, dance, and forget their heavy burdens of loss. His philosophy is to always to put the needs of the children first. 



Ahmed alsheikh



Ahmed Alsheikh received his degree in English literature from Idlib University in 2013. He has extensive experience in team management and has worked with many volunteer-based teams. Before joining Karam Foundation, he worked as a deputy manager and teacher at Anwar Albayan school in Reyhanli, as well as with Save the Children. Before he left Syria in 2015, Ahmed worked on data entry for civil society groups like the Hand Organization and the Local Council. Ahmed works with the Karam Reyhanli Team on our on-the-ground operations in Reyhanli, including coordinating our Sponsor a Syrian Family Program, Innovative Education missions, and Smart Aid projects.


Omar alsoud


Omar Alsoud worked as a volunteer with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for six years. In recent years, he worked as a volunteer with humanitarian relief organizations as well as performed data documentation for a field hospital, both in in Maarat Alnoman, Idlib. For four years, Omar also worked as an independent civilian journalist, reporting to the media about the current humanitarian crisis and human rights violations occurring in Syria. Omar is trained in DSL, disaster management, first aid, and media training.  He was forced to stop his studies during his second year at the Dental Prosthetics Institute in 2011 due to the security conditions.  Omar coordinates Karam Foundation's programs inside Syria and also works with the Karam Reyhanli Team with our Reyhanli operations. 




Sarah Faour graduated high school in 2014 and is applying to university to study English. She left her home in Damascus in 2013 due to the ongoing war. Sarah now lives in the Turkish town of Reyhanli, near the Turkish-Syrian border. She first met Karam Foundation at their Innovative Education mission at the Ruwaad School in 2015 and was impressed with the programming and the impact it had on the students. Soon after, Sarah began working with the Karam Reyhanli Team on our on-the-ground operations, including coordinating our Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family Program, Innovative Education missions, and Smart Aid projects. Sarah loves working with refugee children and hopes for the world to become more aware of the events in Syria and the devastating impact it has on the children.


Lilah Khoja

ADVOCACY coordinator

Lilah Khoja received her B.A. from UCLA in International Development Studies. Lilah has worked with the Democracy Council and the Committee to Protect Journalists. She has been published in The Outpost, Mashallah News, Today's Zaman, and SyriaDeeply. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Health, with a focus on refugee health. She believes in sustainable aid and is thrilled to be working with the Karam Foundation. 


Roya naderi


Roya Naderi is a recent graduate from DePaul University where she studied both Political Science and Islamic World Studies. She began working with Karam earlier this year as a volunteer and later took on the role as Product Manager Intern, taking leadership on the Scents of Syria project. Aside from Karam, she stays involved with the greater Palestine Solidarity movement. Roya is planning on pursuing a career in nonprofit work and staying connected to Karam. 


Dania Mukahhal



Dania Mukahhal received her B.F.A. in graphic design from Columbia College Chicago. She has spent the past couple years using her graphic design skills in nonprofit organizations as well as startups. Her work can be seen on her website, She is very excited to be a part of the Karam Foundation team. Aside from Karam, Dania is also a graphic designer for Palestine in America and YourDIL Chicago.  Dania spends her free time reading design books/articles, baking, and freelancing.


abdulazziz hussaini


Abdulazziz Hussaini is a Strategist at Karam Foundation. He joined the Karam family in the early summer of 2016 as the Legal and Operations Intern. He did his graduate studies in International Security from the University of Warwick [United Kingdom] and his undergraduate studies in Near Eastern Civilizations with a concentration in Islamic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.  He has previously worked for Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. facilitating non-profit fundraising and political consulting. He is very passionate about giving back to deserving communities. His interests include watching superhero movies, smoking ribs and hanging out with friends. 




Sarah Shannon is a recent Washington State University graduate with a passion for social justice and public education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Science Communication. As the Seattle outreach coordinator for Karam, Sarah focuses her efforts on planning events that bring people together to support our mission to better the lives of Syrian refugees. She is a writer, photographer and science enthusiast seeking opportunities to utilize her passions to help create positive change in the world.


siobhan pierce


Siobhan Pierce recently graduated from Dickinson College with a B.A. in International Studies and a minor in Arabic.  More than seven years living abroad in Europe and the Middle East has shaped Siobhan into a passionate humanitarian and traveler.  She will begin a Master’s in Global Policy at the University of Maine in the fall of 2016.  Karam’s mission inspires her and she is thrilled to join the team.  




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Abeedah Diab is a high school senior living in Qatar, and has been doing pro-bono work for charities and other NGOs since 2014. She has formerly been a member of Qatar Foundation International's Youth Advisory Board, and is a certified Soliya cross-cultural dialogue facilitator. Abeedah is passionate about amplifying the voices of those who have been silenced, and empowering those who have been broken. She plans to pursue her studies in law, and aims to work as a political journalist in the future.





Sarah Dakak is a soon to be Human Biology graduate from USC. She has a passion for public health and sustainable education. Sarah happily serves as the Vice President of Students Organize 4 Syria at USC and spends most of her time helping coordinate their Students Teach 4 Syria program. Sarah loves giving back to the community and meeting new people. In her free time, she loves to travel, hike, bake, and spend time with family and friends. Sarah is excited to be a part of Karam and learn more about how she can make a positive difference!





Tina Al-khersan is a senior at the University of Michigan. She is double majoring in Arabic and International Studies, with a focus on Comparative Culture and Identity. Tina's passion for refugee work began when she interned at the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center in Ann Arbor and then the International Refugee Assistance Project. Upon discovering the Karam Foundation and falling in love with their mission, she immediately wanted to join the team. Beyond her passion for refugee work, Tina loves traveling, reading, and animals. 




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