we're sending kids back2school!

At least 6 million Syrian children are in need of education assistance. 1 in 3 schools is completely destroyed or damaged. Help us make education more accessible. Join us in sending Syrian children back to school!


here's how you can help

support operational costs of schools inside syria!

Through our Syria School Support program, we support the operational costs of schools inside Syria. This includes teacher salaries, trainings, the distribution of student kits, and the costs for electricity and sanitation.

student kit

Back2School 2018-03.png


It costs $30 to provide 1 student in Syria with a kit full of supplies to last the school year.

teacher's salary

Back2School 2018-05.png


It costs $150 to provide a teacher's salary in Syria for 1 month.

school electricity

Back2School 2018-07.png


It costs $100 to keep electricity running in a school in Syria for 1 month.




We train teachers and provide necessary support to develop their teaching skills. Our staff trains educators on different skills including delivering education in a war zone, providing psychosocial support in schools, and teaching methods.


teacher kits

Back2School 2018-08.png


It costs $500 to provide 15 teachers with teaching kits!


teacher training

Back2School 2018-09.png


It costs $1500 to deliver 2 teacher trainings!



help us rebuild schools in syria!

We rebuild and rehabilitate schools in Syria that have been damaged by barrel bombs and airstrikes. This includes everything from physical infrastructure to repainting and electrical networking! We also build outdoor playgrounds!


REStore a school

support a school

Back2School 2018-11.png


It costs $10,000 to restore and re-open a school in Syria that's been damaged by airstrikes.

Back2School 2018-12.png


It costs $35,000 to support a school in Syria so that 330 children can go to school.


every child is deserving of an education and A future. 


“If we love Syria and its people we have to help educate these children - they are our hope and they are the only people that can bring about a new reality. They will lead us into the promising future that this country deserves.”

your support can change a child's life for the better. help us send thousands of syrian kids back to school this year!