Generosity Effect: May

At Karam Foundation we aim to foster a more generous world. We’re filled with an immense amount of appreciation when we see generosity in action. We’re so grateful for hard work and believe that it deserves recognition.

Today we are proud to share with you our supporters of month, mother and daughter duo, Razan and Jude Wafai. They joined thousands of bikers in taking over Lake Shore Drive this weekend during MB Financial Bank’s event, Bike the Drive. The bike ride is a 30 mile course that runs throughout the city of Chicago. Our supporters biked to fundraise for one of Karam Foundation’s innovative education programs, called the TOMER program.

Razan and Jude raised $1,230 to help Syrian refugee teens who aspire to go to college take the TOMER (Turkish Language Proficiency Exam) which is required to apply to Turkish Universities. It costs $750 to pave the road for students to go to college. Our program is 8 months long and preps students to pass the TOMER exam.

Nothing makes us happier than people putting leisure activities to good use!  

Thanks to Razan and Jude, more Syrian refugee students will have the opportunity to attend a university and lead a bright future.

Every little bit of support counts, and anyone can help with our projects or initiatives. Think you’re up for a challenge? We can’t wait to see it! You’d be surprised at where your generosity will take you! Email us with your idea at