Meet the Interns!

Introducing our first batch of interns to the Karam team! Our team is composed of a relatively small bunch, so you may wonder how we’re able to accomplish anything at Karam Headquarters. Thankfully, we’re able to do so much work with the help of our interns. We’re proud to share with you our full crew of determined, compassionate, fun students and recent graduates.

Danna Kashlan 

Social Media Intern

What is one goal that you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

I’m only 21, but i’ve been given more opportunities than I deserve. So I hope to one day have a career or be in a state where I’m constantly giving to people around the world who don’t have the opportunities that I did. 

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?

Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food. It’s one of my favorite flavors (but not my all time fave—that’s mint chocolate chip) I think I’m Phish Food because it's like Rocky Road (a classic) but it’s a little different because like the chocolate chunks are in shapes of fish, which is so random, but then the delicious marshmallows are just like rocky road.

That’s kind of how I am. I think on the surface, I seem like a classic Syrian American girl, like Rocky Road, but I like to believe that there’s a bit more to me than meets the eye. I also have a huge imagination and when I tell people my thoughts, they seem really random, like there being chunks of chocolate in the shape of fish. Lastly, I’m a huge softie, like my emotions are as soft as marshmallow...hopefully that made sense. 

What’s the weirdest conversation you had at Karam HQ?

Nothing specific comes to mind, but if you haven't spent much time with me and Samia, then listening to any of our conversations probably sounds really weird.

What do you do at Karam?

The fun stuff (like coming up with these questions).  Well lately, I've been the DJ at Karam HQ, but for the most part, I’m the person behind the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

What’s your usual Jimmy Johns order at Karam HQ?(SIDE NOTE: we eat Jimmy Johns every Wednesday over here)

Slim #3---the chicken of the sea and I go way back. 

What is YOUR Karam?

The situation in Syria has definitely shaped who I am today. With that said, I think my Karam is more personal and abstract. It’s to remind myself to not just get angry or frustrated with a form of oppression, whether it’s  oceans away in Syria or the justice system at home in the US. It’s to remember that my problems are often trivial. Even when it feels like our problems are daunting and overbearing, I strive to remind myself that I’m never alone with my troubles. I really try to make an effort to be there for people in my life, to feel for them, and to always respect them.

Roya Naderi

Product Manager Intern

Has anything surprised you at Karam HQ?

I'm always amazed at how much gets done in so little time. And how Lina (Karam's CEO) finds time to make us tea or coffee in the midst of the chaos of planning events and making conference calls. She's awesome!

What's your Aya fact? (SIDE NOTE: Aya shares all kinds of facts whenever we're at the office) 

Apparently chicken isn't good for you. Aya has sick handwriting though, so the fact that she ruined chicken for me isn't so bad.

If someone made a movie about your life what actor would you want to play you? 

Kevin Hart because he'd be so much better at being me. 

 If you were a ghar soap, what soap would you be?

Black seed; I'm a firm believer in tough love. 

How did you get involved in Karam?

Reading about what's going on in Syria, I felt very helpless. I knew about Karam from different events and from Samia. So I contacted her in hopes of somehow contributing the cause.

What is YOUR Karam?

I try to ease people's burdens; I encounter people who are dealing with a lot on a daily basis -with things that are too heavy for people like me to imagine, so I allow myself to be a helping hand in any way possible, or just be an ear for them--an outlet for them to relieve themselves from the stresses of life.

Jude Wafai

Campaign Coordinator Intern 

Where can we find you when you're not at Karam HQ?

You can probably find me on the couch in the sun room with my brothers watching Chicago Sports, or going for evening walks in the neighborhood surrounding my house. Nothing like a sunset walk. 

What’s your favorite coffee or food place?

My favorite coffee place is my kitchen because I don’t like coffee shops, but my favorite food place is probably Between the Buns in South Bend, which is this neighborhood sports bar with food I can’t even look at anymore, but I love it, like I’d love my own child.

Who's your hero?

My dad or my mom. I see my dad as someone who dares to be different and who makes decisions in his life that he really believes in and he does not go back on. I’ve always wanted to be just like that. I want to adventure to the places he adventures and walk through tunnels into Gaza and put myself in danger just to see if I can handle it. I think my dad tests himself a lot, and that’s what I want to do, too.  

What’s the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

I ate a cicada in 8th grade for five dollars just to see if it was as crunchy as it looked.

What do you do at Karam?

I manage the volunteer database and serve as a sports mentor on the Zeitouna trips.

What is YOUR Karam?

I want my generosity to be my life. I’ve had 22 years of a beautiful life given every opportunity I have or could possibly seek. I want to devote the rest of my years to everyone else that didn’t get the chance I did.

Michelle Deme

Local Outreach Intern

What are three words you use to describe yourself?

Spontaneous, outgoing, awkward

What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve had at Karam HQ?

Probably about printers. We spent a good half hour consulting about finding the best printer. Still after a half an hour of searching, we couldn’t find one with five stars.

What’s the coolest thing about Karam HQ?

All the artwork everywhere around the office. 

Has anything surprised you about working at Karam?

Just how welcome everyone was. I felt apart of the family by the end of the first day.

What is YOUR Karam?

I just try to have a positive attitude and smile everyday, even if it gets annoying