Generosity Effect: Jessica Baram's Run for the Children of Syria

Today’s Generosity Effect features Jessica Baram, a young woman who is running the L.A. marathon on February 14th, 2016. She is hoping to raise $10,000 to support Karam Foundation.

When Jessica Baram graduated high school in 2010, she had her sights set on Montreal, Canada where she was headed to pursue her degree. She had planned to go home to Aleppo, Syria where she was born and raised after graduation. Unfortunately, by the time she had graduated going back home to Syria was no longer an option, due to the escalations in violence. In turn, she moved to L.A.

“I wanted to challenge myself and see how far I can go.” Jessica said, when asked about her reasons for running a full marathon. “The fact that it is for a cause makes it more of an accomplishment.” She heard about Karam Foundation from a friend who had previously raised money for the organization, and wanted to take part somehow.

“Raising funds is not an easy task but knowing that even the smallest donation can make a difference in a life of a child is the ultimate reward,” she said. Her community has supported her entirely in her mission thus far.  “The immediate response and donations have been very humbling. I have donors that are supporting the cause from all over the world.”

To those who see what is happening in Syria and find themselves at a loss, Jessica had some inspiring words: “I want to say that every effort counts. There are many outlets that reach out to the Syrian people. Do your research and help in any way you can. Whether you’re making the effort to raise funds, donate to charities, collect blankets, or just simply spreading the word, you’re making a change!”

Thank you Jessica, and good luck with your run!

Please donate to support Jessica’s Run for The Children of Syria here.