Generosity Effect: Bake Sale in Austin, TX

Every so often, we like to highlight the Karam Family’s amazing work. From soap parties to to bake sales, every contribution goes a long to way to supporting Syrians in need.

A few weeks ago, The Syrian People Solidarity Group, a group of students and activists dedicated to changing the way that people in Austin, TX view Syria, hosted a bake sale fundraiser to support Karam’s programs. They raised several hundred dollars.


One of their members, Citrine, answered a few questions about their motivations for helping Syrians:

What inspired the group to host this bake sale?
“Witnessing these devastating reoccurrences throughout Syria made us feel helpless in a sense. After thinking a lot about what it is that we can do being so far away, we came up with the idea of a bake sale to raise money for the refugees who are fleeing this war torn country in search of a better life.”

What was your community’s response?
“We actually have gotten a lot of positive feedback. People have been reaching out not only in person but after these sort of events we receive messages from people within our community really wanting to get involved with us. It's really inspiring and motivating that there are so many others out there who want to help the Syrians as much as we do.”

What do you have to say to people who express a need to help the Syrian people?
“Thank you. I don't think it's possible to express just how appreciative we are that there are others who understand and sympathize with the Syrians and want to see the situation change. I'm certain that through solidarity and by coming together as a community we can give the Syrians all that they deserve after five years of brutal chaos that no human being should have to endure.”

Thank you, The Syrian People Solidarity Group for all your efforts!

If you or your community are interested in fundraising for Karam, please see our GET INVOLVED page. Karam Foundation wouldn't be the organization that it is today without the support and help of our Karam Family.