Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family Turns One!

As children around the world get ready to go back to school, buying textbooks and school supplies, over 3.3 million Syrian children will be at home, in refugee camps, or working. They will not join their peers in picking out new pencils and buying textbooks, a fact of which they are bitterly aware.

A year ago, 40 different children in Turkey were in the same position. These children were displaced due to the ongoing violence in Syria. They had endured tragedy and borne witness to tragedy that we cannot imagine. They were working, either at home or doing manual labour, barely making a wage. These children had to work because their families could not afford to send them to school.


After meeting some of these children, the team at Karam Foundation decided to launch an exciting program to help these children: Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family. Through a series of conversations with the families and community members, it was determined that simple conditional cash transfers was the best solution to this problem. The families are given money each month, contingent upon the fact that their child attends school and is learning.

Today, these 40 children are enrolled in schools. They are learning, they are growing, and most importantly: they are building a future for themselves. They are invested in this future; just have a conversation with any of them!

We are able to support these children with the help of our extended family, and we are always working towards increasing the number of children and families enrolled in this program. By sponsoring a child and family, you are ensuring that these children have access to the most valuable tool in a child’s life: their education.

To help the various families and children supported through the program, please visit the Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family page and donate. $50 a month ensures that these children are able to go to school and live in a safe home.