Propelrr: Heroes of the Digital World

Karam Foundation's work is dedicated to helping Syrian children, who we call the heroes of Syria's future. In the digital sphere, a hero company of the tech world called Propelrr has entered a contest called the SEO Hero. In the chance that Propelrr wins the contest, the company will be donating the full $50,000 prize to Karam Foundation. Karam has interviewed Francis Gary Viray, Founder of Propelrr. Read on to find out more about the Propelrr and the SEO Hero contest.

KF: How did you learn about Karam?

FGV: Propelrr, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines has always been keen to help out the children in Syria when the war broke out upon hearing terrible news via TV and social media. When announced an SEO Hero contest, we saw an opportunity to give it a shot.

The next thing we did was to look for the right organization as our recipient. That’s when we’ve found Karam Foundation via Google. You see, getting a foundation, as beneficiary wasn’t straightforward though. We made sure that the organization is legit and is actually on the ground helping the Syrian kids. Karam Foundation was the right fit organization when we researched about them on Google, browsed their website, and looked them up on social media.

Now to complete the circle, we got in touch with Karam and admittedly, we emailed some other organizations as well as alternatives. We were not disappointed with Karam. Lina Sergie Attar, CEO and Samia Akhras, Director of Development were the first to respond to our request to make them as recipient. Such responsiveness shows the level of Karam’s professionalism. It sealed our choice.

We, at Propelrr, are sure that we made the right decision.

KF: What is the SEO initiative?

FGV: Propelrr converted the WIX SEO contest into cause-driven initiative gathering SEO professionals globally to make the world aware of the war in Syria and the sufferings it is bringing to Syria’s children and communities. We have been interviewing SEO practitioners on our website regarding their thoughts about being SEO Heroes and they are very responsive on our initiative.

Moreover, should we win the contest, we will donate the winning pot of $50,000 to Karam Foundation to extend the help they have been doing for Syria.

KF: How does the competition work?

FGV: If website ranks highest for the keyword, “SEO Hero”, in four months’ time, WIX will give the winning website $50,000 which in turn, we will donate to Karam Foundation.  

KF: If you win or lose, what do you hope to accomplish?

FGV: Again, if we win, we will donate all the pot money to Karam Foundation. We don’t think we will lose this contest due the fact that from the very start when we’ve reached out to many SEOs and digital marketing professionals in the world, they have been very helpful to spend their time supporting our cause. That alone tells everyone else in their respective communities that they are aware and are concerned about what is going on in Syria.

Our call to let everyone to hero up for Syria is already win in the making.

KF: How would you encourage others to get involved and support important initiatives to help others?

FGV: Like I’ve said earlier, we’ve already started to reach out to a lot of digital marketing practitioners, media, bloggers, and online professionals to support our initiative. We encourage them to amplify what we have been doing via social media and through their online properties. A simple tweet and a shout out on Facebook will go a long way. The world should be made aware of what is going on in Syria. In turn, Syrians should know too that the world around them cares.

About Francis Gary Viray: Francis Gary Viray is the Founder of Propelrr, a digital innovations and marketing company based in the Philippines.

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