Women Inspiring Women: An Interview with Karam House Mentor

RN: How did you learn about Karam Foundation?

SF: I first learned about Karam Foundation when Lina and Mohammad visited our home in Reyhnali to enroll my my family in the Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family program. They were so nice and helpful. I felt that they really care and wanted to help me and my family.

RN: Why did you want to join the Karam Team?

SF: At that time, Lina had mentioned to me that I can help the Karam team during their mission to the Ruwad school in 2015. It was then that I really got a sense of how Karam works. I really enjoyed working with kids. I experienced Karam’s programs for children and I really liked the way they offered support to kids and organized workshops in different areas to help them develop a variety of skils.

RN: What does being a mentor mean to you?/ What do you hope to gain from your experience as a mentor?

SF: I take being a mentor very seriously –I see myself as the first step to helping kids build their futures. There is no way to describe that feeling. I do believe that the student-to-mentor relationship is very important and I do see that I am someone who will be making an impact and will play a major role in a child’s life –giving them the tools and guidance they need in order to achieve their goals. Everyday, I learn something new –I was given opportunities to challenge myself and to learn and grow, and that is what I hope to provide young girls with. I want them to have these same opportunities.

RN: Growing up, did you have a woman to look up to? Someone who inspired you?

SF: I worked very closley with a woman who inspired me. She was very ambitious and genuine. She was committed to achieving her goals. I really looked up to her for her determination and I’ve carried that with me as I continue to work toward my own goals.

RN: How do you think Karam House will impact young women in the community?

SF: Karam House serves the community, and I hope that young women in the community take advantage of the new space and utilize it to their own benefit. The purpose of Karam House is to challenge the youth and give them tools and workshops in different areas to help them advance their education. I want young girls to come to Karam House and find their passion, to learn, and to grow so that they can go onto achieve greater things in life, whether it be school or work, I want to see young women in my community become our future leaders because I know how much potential they have, and I believe with the right resources and guidance, they can achieve great things.

RN: Do you feel girls within the community look up to you? What do you hope they gain from you as a mentor?

SF: I feel that my role as a mentor is to be someone that the young women and girls in the community look up to. I am not sure of how much of an impact I have made, but I hope that I am fulfilling my role as a mentor. I hope that as a mentor I can keep children inspired, I can keep them motivated, and that I help them find their passion so that they can build a better life and that they can chase their dreams and accomplish their educational and/or career goals in the future.