A Blessed Wardrobe: An Interview with Founder, Mariam Shibly

In this interview, Karam Foundation's Director of Communications, Roya Naderi, sits down to meet with Chicago-based fashion and travel blogger and founder of A Blessed Wardrobe, Mariam Shibly.

RN: In your own words, what is A Blessed Wardrobe, where did the idea come from?

MS: A Blessed Wardrobe is a trendy fashion show that brings the community together to support local designers and Syrian refugees. ABW will showcase sophistication and modest wardrobe for the new age woman. The idea came from when I did a charitable fashion show for Women’s Professional Business charities in college and worked with brands such as Banana Republic, GAP, BCBG MAXAZRIA, and AKIRA.

RN: What inspired you to make this a fundraising event?

MS: I recently quit my job to raise my child and I thought this would be the best time to make this opportunity happen.

RN: How did you learn about Karam Foundation?

MS: I've seen Karam grow impressively through one of my best friends Aya Samman

RN: What do you hope to accomplish through this event?

MS: I hope to raise the maximum proceeds to be donated to Syrians in need that are suffering on a daily basis. I also want to familiarize everyone with these talented designers and contributors in our community.

RN:  Do you believe fashion has the power to bring people together?

MS: Yes, especially fashion created by Muslim designers and catered to our community. We should encourage each other to help grow and support each other’s business and make a name in today’s society to help contribute to our image as Muslims.

RN: Do you hope to host another fundraiser in the future? Would you encourage others to give in this way – going beyond a donation?

MS: Yes inshallah if this event goes well I would love to have this become an annual fundraiser. Charity events can be fun and do more for everyone.

RN: Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you?

MS: This is my first event for our community and I would love for you to come see everyone’s hard work and to support each other. Please follow me at @mariamshibly on Instagram to see my latest endeavors. I hope you enjoy the show!

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