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What's Your Karam?: Carla Henson

“They would come up to me after class and let me know how relaxed they felt. This is huge! As chaotic as their life has been, they can find that quiet place when they slow down, listen to their breath, which is always in the present moment, free from negative emotions like fear and doubt and instead cultivate a steady mind.” A look at Carla Henson's Karam...

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Generosity Effect: May

At Karam Foundation we aim to foster a more generous world. We’re filled with an immense amount of appreciation when we see generosity in action. We’re so grateful for hard work and believe that it deserves recognition.

Today we are proud to share with you our supporters of month, mother and daughter duo, Razan and Jude Wafai. They joined thousands of bikers in taking over Lake Shore Drive this weekend during MB Financial Bank’s event, Bike the Drive. The bike ride is a 30 mile course that runs throughout the city of Chicago. Our supporters biked to  fundraise for one of Karam Foundation’s innovative education programs, called the TOMER program.

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