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Generosity Effect: Patty Simon & The Concept of Home

“You’re Loved -- Pass It On”, or so said the cards that Patty Simon handed to the children she met on Karam’s Spring 2015 Innovative Education Mission in Reyhanli, Turkey. Patty wanted to spread her message of love, acceptance and empathy to children who had suffered through war and unspeakable trauma. In Spring 2015, she was able to do that, having a positive impact on the students that she worked with during the IE trip.

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Generosity Effect: Bake Sale in Austin, TX

Every so often, we like to highlight the Karam Family’s amazing work. From soap parties to to bake sales, every contribution goes a long to way to supporting Syrians in need.

A few weeks ago, the Syrian People Solidarity Group, a group of students and activists dedicated to changing the way that people in Austin, TX view Syria, hosted a bake sale fundraiser to support Karam’s programs. They raised several hundred dollars.

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What's Your Karam?: Carla Henson

“They would come up to me after class and let me know how relaxed they felt. This is huge! As chaotic as their life has been, they can find that quiet place when they slow down, listen to their breath, which is always in the present moment, free from negative emotions like fear and doubt and instead cultivate a steady mind.” A look at Carla Henson's Karam...

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