What is Karam Foundation?


Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to help people help themselves. As Karam means generosity in Arabic, we seek to restore the dignity and quality of life for people affected by conflict by eliminating barriers to success through innovative education, entrepreneurial development, and community-driven aid.

How can I help?


Your donation goes a long way to helping those in need. At Karam, we work hard to ensure that 100% of program donations to those in need. Karam’s programs in Innovative Education, Smart Aid, and Sustainable Development all directly better the lives of thousands of displaced and refugee Syrians.

Can I personally go help Syrian refugees on the border?


If you are interested in volunteering with Karam Foundation during one of our missions, please fill out this form and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.

What can I do to help other than donate?


Karam Foundation wouldn’t be what it is today without the work of our amazing family of supporters. You can help Karam in any number of ways listed below:

  • You can host Karam team members at speaking engagements at your local school, college, community center, or place of worship. To request a speaker for your event, fill out this form.

  • You can host an online fundraiser in lieu of gifts for your birthday or special occasion.

  • You can host a fundraiser for Karam within your community.  

If you need brochures or promotional items for your event, we would be happy to send you some! Contact Karam@KaramFoundation.org.

Can I send toys/gifts/clothes/etc. from the U.S. instead of monetary donations?


Karam Foundation believes in sustainability and sustainable giving. As such, we encourage people to think about donating their funds in order to purchase whatever items they may need from Turkey, something that Karam does. This ensures that we support the host community and make the most use of the donations. For more information on the negative impacts of clothing and other used-good donations, please see the following resources: CNN, The Globe and Mail.

How much of my donation goes to Syrians in need?


100% of our overhead is covered by dedicated private donations, sales, fundraising events, and capacity-building sponsors who are invested in Karam's long-term and sustainable growth. These generous "angel investors" make it possible for us to direct 100% of program donations to thousands of Syrian children, youth, and families, fund our innovative projects, and build a better future for Syria.  

Do you take a side on the Syrian conflict?


Karam Foundation is not associated with any political group in Syria or anywhere else. We support universally-agreed human rights and freedoms. We believe that freedom, dignity and self determination are the rights of every human being on the planet.

We support Syrians who aspire to live in a country that respects those rights and where people of different cultures and faiths live together in peace.

We believe in the protection of civilians as outlined by the Geneva Conventions and we denounce anyone who violates human rights, no matter what side of the conflict they are on.

Can Karam Foundation help me adopt a Syrian child?


In accordance with UNHCR guidelines, Karam Foundation does not support the adoption of Syrian children during this time of conflict. In addition to Syria not being a signatory to international adoption resolutions, the UNHCR advises against the adoption of refugee children in an emergency situation due to the chance for family reunification once conflict is over. If you would like to make a meaningful difference in the life of a Syrian children, that keeps them with their families, protects them from child labor, and invests in their future via education, please consider donating monthly to our Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family Program. Many of the children enrolled in the program are orphans who live with extended family; their status is indicated on their page.

I have an extra bedroom/house. How can I bring a refugee to the U.S. and support them in my home?


In the United States, refugee resettlement may only be done through governmental channels. Private sponsorship of refugees is currently not legal in the United States but many organizations including Karam Foundation is advocating for a change in this policy. If you wish to support refugee families, please consider donating to the "Jumpstart for Refugees" program which enables refugees to rebuild their lives by finding them their own safe, secure homes. This Program is a sustainable solution that respects their inherent dignity.

I have questions/concerns about my products from the Store. Who do I contact?


You can contact Karam@KaramFoundation.org and a team member will be in touch.

How can I donate via Wire Transfer?


Please email Karam@KaramFoundation.org in order to facilitate your donation.