Giving Tuesday, an international day of giving, takes place on November 28th this year. As Karam has officially turned 10 years old this year, we are hoping to make this our biggest Giving Tuesday yet!

Our Giving Tuesday campaign will focus on raising money for our Winter aid relief projects inside Syria. This year, we are providing families with winterization supplies to keep displaced Syrian kids & families warm


Depending on need, families will receive the following:


Heating fuel for families

$60 keeps a family warm for 1 month.


Blankets for families

$70 provides a family of 5 with blankets


Heating Fuel FOR schools

$800 keeps a school warm for 1 month


Help us celebrate our 10 year birthday by contributing to our giving tuesday campaign!

Here are some different ways to get involved:

Karam turns 10-01.png


  • Photos and videos are always more likely to gain traction. If possible, post a photo or video along with your reason for supporting Karam! Feel free to use any of the photos here.
  • To put the need in perspective, you can "give something up." For example, your post could say: "If I give up my $5 PSL for a week, that is enough to keep a child warm throughout winter in Syria. I am donating those $20 to Karam Foundation in honor of #10YearsofKaram and nominating 10 people to also #GiveKaram, and nominate 10 more."

join the 10for10 movement online!

We are celebrating our 10TH BIRTHDAY with an online crowdfunding campaign to #GiveKaram in honor of #10YearsofKaram! Here's how you can join:

Share a post on your social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Include WHY you support Karam, TAG Karam Foundation, and NOMINATE 10 friends to give $10! Use hashtags #GiveKaram and #10YearsOfKaram. Check out the example below! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 3.05.32 PM.png

Individual Online Fundraiser



Individual fundraisers have an even larger impact – you have the opportunity to utilize your network to expand the reach of your generosity! Connect with friends and family both online and in person! Share your passion for helping those in need and why Karam matters to you! Encourage friends to give – help put the need in perspective for them – it costs just $60 to keep an entire family warm for 1 month – that is less than 2 weeks worth of coffee from your favorite cafe!


A brief description of Karam Foundation which can be found here. Your relationship with Karam. Why you are fundraising. Relevant media – photos, videos, or articles (optional). Which program you are fundraising for (can be general). Your fundraising goal! 

Once you have created your online fundraising page, you can begin spreading the word! You can do this through your personal networks, sharing with close friends and family as well as colleagues and/or classmates. We encourage all of our fundraisers to utilize social media to reach a larger audience, publicize the campaign, and inspire others to give. We suggest you post about your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform. Scroll up for social media tips!



Thanksgiving card 2016.png

Host a Friendsgiving! Create your own fundraising page through our website. Share your page with your networks via social media. Invite friends and family that donate to your fundraiser for a Friendsgiving at your home! You can also create a team fundraising page and host a Friendsgiving at your office and encourage co-workers to share the link with their networks, and encourage friends and family to donate! You can get creative – if you reach your fundraising goal, you will bake everyone's favorite dessert!

  • Create your fundraising page here
  • Make a Facebook event page and share the donate link and invite your friends and family!
  • Encourage friends to give with special recipes – for example, for donations above $100 you will bake an extra pumpkin pie 
  • Join a fundraising team – create a fundraising page as an office and encourage your peers to share your collective donation link with their networks – challenge each other to see who will raise the most in time for the office Friendsgiving!

Donate to Karam

Please remember, if posting online or holding an individual fundraiser doesn't appeal to you, you can always directly donate to Karam Foundation.