Holistic Wellness

Karam Foundation’s Innovative Education programs for refugees are reinforced with quality holistic wellness programs that ensure the children’s and youth’s basic medical necessities are addressed with care and compassion. Our teams of medical and psychological specialists offer hundreds of Syrian refugee youth access to world-class health care. 


Since 2013, our mobile dental clinics have treated hundreds of Syrian children and youth and provided thousands with dental hygiene and preventative care including check-ups, cleanings, fillings and caries control, extractions, cosmetics, and emergency care.


Karam’s Trauma Therapy teams have included global specialists experienced in conflict and natural-disaster zones. They train both students and teachers on the basic coping techniques to survive and process the trauma of violence and displacement.


In 2015, we added vision screening to complete our holistic wellness program. Our medical team has screened the vision of hundreds of Syrian kids and teachers and outfitted every child in need with prescription glasses.


In addition to the psycho-social and physical clinics, Karam provides the younger children with hygiene and self-care workshops. For the older youth, we offer workshops focused on personal hygiene, women's health and self-esteem building and social skills. We distribute kits stocked with hygiene essentials to children and youth.