Last week, as the deadly airstrikes on Syrians intensified daily, we made a statement that there were no more statements to be made on Syria. The UN heard us and agreed that there were no more words to describe what's happening in Syria. Maybe the UN has forgotten that the world looks to them not for words but actions to protect civilians! On February 18, 2018 the Syrian regime and its Russian allies launched a brutal assault on civilians in besieged Eastern Ghouta, killing more than 400 people, including more than 120 children. On Saturday, February 24 the UN Security Council passed a resolution for a 30-day ceasefire that would stop the bombs and allow humanitarian access. In the last 48-hours at least 29 civilians have been killed as the Syrian regime launched 81 air-strikes, 32 barrel bombs, and 213 artillery shells on the neighborhoods of Ghouta. We demand that world leaders uphold the ceasefire to ensure the protection of civilian life.

Here are some actions you can take today to help the people of Ghouta: 

1. Follow the link below to send a letter to every UN Security Council member and demand that the ceasefire be enforced:

2. Amplify the voices on the ground by sharing articles and interviews below:

Syria War Enters Bloody New Phase with Rami Jarrah

This Is What It's Like To Try To Survive In Eastern Ghouta, Where "Death is the Master." 

3. Donate below to Emergency Aid