Where do the brilliant, innovative, and creative ideas of Syrian Refugee youth grow?

at Karam House!

Karam House is a community innovation workspace where Syrian refugee youth turn their passions and ideas into realities. It is a place where they can build strong relationships with peers and mentors. It is a place where they can learn competitive skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics that are essential to advancing their educations and futures. Most of all, Karam House is an inspiring, safe, and healing space for Syrian teenagers – who have lost so much through the trauma of displacement and war – to be teenagers.

Karam House is a place where teenagers become leaders. It's a place where young Syrian women and men can use to learn and grow:

"I have an idea, I can do it at Karam House."

"I want to learn English, I can learn it at Karam House."

"I want to go to university, I can find a mentor at Karam House."

"I feel alone, I can meet people like me at Karam House."

"I have a project, I can make it at Karam House."

"I am more than a refugee, I can be myself at Karam House."

We had an idea: to make a place where Syrian refugee teens can build their ideas, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential. So we built Karam House. 


Join us in investing in a hopeful and inspiring future generation of Syrians.



We currently have a Karam House located in Reyhanli, Turkey.


Karam House Programs

Summer Workshops

Karam House offers mentorship opportunities for international volunteers that travel to Turkey to facilitate skill-building workshops for students in their respective specialties. Mentors volunteer approximately one week of their time and work directly with students at Karam House. Workshops led by international mentors include aviation, video-editing, philosophy, theatre, graphic design, entrepreneurship, and more!

Hopefully they [students] learned as much as they taught us. Karam House is amazing they’re doing really good work here and we’re so thankful that we got the opportunity to come here.
— Hope England, Humor for Hope

Karam Lab

Karam Lab is a course available to students at Karam House year-round. This course is designed to supplement and advance students’ education, and further develop skills in design, engineering, technology, and media. Karam Lab curriculum includes 4 studio-style-taught courses focused on Photobots, Biofashion, Documentary Film Making, and Play to Power. Students will receive hands-on-training with materials available to them, including 3-D printers and a laser cutter, as well as laptops and one-on-one mentorship. Students will be challenged to think critically and design innovative projects to be used in real-world scenarios. Our goal is to provide students with the resources they need in order to build confident futures – giving them a chance to tell their story, be creative, and inspire.


I have an idea...

Why KH-01.png

Karam House is an investment in Syria's youth. It provides inspiration, innovation, and technology to thousands of Syrian refugee kids who have been left with no hope or competitive skills to build a future for themselves. Karam House provides cutting-edge training in specific career "tracks" including: Entrepreneurship, Technology, 3D Digital Design and Fabrication, Graphic Design, Journalism, English & Turkish Language Acquisition. Karam House will give Syrian youth access to another world - a global community of creative ideas and endless possibility.

We envision Karam House churning out new generations of Syrian refugees– entrepreneurs, journalists, writers, technology experts, engineers, teachers, artists, and designers– equipped with the skills and imagination to reshape their shattered worlds into a place of innovation and productivity.

We know our innovation education missions impacted Syrian lives every day. Karam House: Reyhanli ensures that hundreds of Syrian youth experiences the life-changing powers of year-round mentorship, intensive training, and innovation workshops that will prepare them to compete in a global economic market and build prosperous, brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their country. 


Today, students at Karam House are participating in a virtual exchange with students in the US. Students at Karam House are applying the skills and knowledge they've gained from Karam Lab to solve real world problems. Watch this video to see what projects kids are working on! To learn more about the virtual exchange, read this interview with our Karam House Innovation fellow, Ramzi Najah.