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Are you an innovator/designer/entrepreneur who wants to make a real and direct impact on the refugee crisis? Join our team on the ground and be part of our unique project to build a better future for Syrian youth.


KARAM HOUSE is an innovation community center designed for Syrian refugee teens. Our mission is to build the next generation of Syrian leaders. Our first Karam House was established in 2017 and is located in Reyhanli, Turkey - a town on the Syrian border where over 100,000 Syrian refugees live. Karam House is a unique place where refugee teens are given the opportunity to be inspired, innovative, creative, and build their ideas. In the bleak reality of the global refugee crisis, Karam House offers a beacon of hope to thousands of kids.

As a KARAM HOUSE INNOVATION FELLOW, you will spend between 6 months to one year in the field, leading and training a team of community mentors in developing and teaching multi-disciplinary, STEAM-focused workshops for Syrian refugee teens. These workshops are designed to encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity. This is an exciting opportunity to engage with a refugee community and make a positive impact.  


Karam House Lead Mentors can have a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Our community mentors are teachers, engineers, designers, architects. We are looking for individuals with a strong technology and design background and experience in education.


  • Current Graduate or PhD Student, Professional, Educator, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Engineer, Roboticist, Architect, Designer or some combination of these
  • Expert in respective field
  • Mentor/Teacher
  • Problem solver
  • Clear and concise writer
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Attention to detail and problem solving skills
  • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Dependability, flexibility, and ability to maintain confidentiality


  • Background in design or an understanding of the design process
  • Proficiency in technical skills (at least 2 from the list below):
    • Digital fabrication and use of fabrication tools (Laser Cutter, 3d Printer)
    • 2d and 3d Modeling (Rhino, Solidworks, Fusion 360)
    • Robotics (Arduino)
    • Sensors and Actuators
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • 3d Studio Max or Maya
    • Unity 3D
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Digital Photography and/or Filmmaking and Production
    • Sewing
    • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Platforms
    • Processing and Computer-Generated Graphics
  • Arabic Fluency Preferred


  • Karam House staff training and development, assisting in the development of the Karam House curriculum and pedagogical approach, assist in evaluating and hiring administrative and teaching staff, communicate with Karam House curriculum partners on behalf of the Karam Team, lead the documentation process of the Karam House;
  • Create, develop, run, and evaluate innovative education workshops for Karam House members (the students);
  • Oversee and evaluate the community and visiting mentors’ workshops;
  • Communicate and collaborate with Karam Team across various departments
  • Educate the public and advocate on behalf of Karam Foundation with regards to the purpose and role of Karam Foundation and the impact of its work
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by the CEO, Director of Operations, or Board of Directors.
  • Employment Dates: 6-month or 1-year contract, starting immediately

EMPLOYMENT DATES: 6-month or one-year contract, starting immediately

HOURS AND COMPENSATION:  40 hours per week. Compensation based on experience.

TO APPLY: Please fill out the form and email your CV/resume and cover letter to reyhanli@karamfoundation.org and include in the subject line "Karam House Innovation Fellow Application."

Visit www.karamhouse.com and the Facebook page.



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