Karam House Coming 2017

The Karam House is a space of healing and growth for children who have witnessed and survived the crushing trauma of violence and displacement. Our goal is to serve Syrian youth in the short-term by providing a holistic approach to wellness, an introduction to non-formal education programming, and a source of creativity and inspiration, while focusing on the long-term by offering technology and language acquisition training and innovative career and entrepreneurial mentorship opportunities. 



Secured the space and started planting the seed of the next generation of students.



Finished removing and building the walls around the terraces. Construction of bathroom walls and toilets begin.



Building of toilets and bathroom walls complete. Preparing electricity spots/points and covering walls of terrace with cement. 


Week 3:

They brought the sanitation supplies, but they haven't started extending yet. They are covering the walls of terraces with cement. Still removing the ceramic from the walls of kitchens. They have removed all the ceramic on the kitchen walls and covering the walls of terranes with cement.

Bought marble for the framework of windows. Still working on sanitary drainage. Covering walls with white cement. Brought ceramic for the broken floor during removing the walls and ceramic for the wall of the kitchen in the ground floor.


Week 4:

Started working with Electric wiring- Electrical installations. Still working with the sanitary drainage and covering walls with white cement. Started working marble for the framework of windows. They started building up the ceramic floor and on the walls of bathrooms (toilet) in the second floor. Still covering up walls with white cement. Started painting exterior walls.


Week 5:

Finished painting the exterior walls. Bought conditioners for the second floor. Finished building up the ceramic on the floor and started extending conditioners on the walls of the second floor.