A higher Education for Syria's Youth


Karam Foundation has always been focused on the importance of education. We believe that education is the key to helping Syrian students achieve their goals, become contributing members of their host society, and to rebuild Syria in the future. We are proud to announce the launch of the Karam Scholars program to assist Syrian students who have fled to Turkey and those who have been resettled in the United States and are on a journey to pursue higher education.

Join us in support of some of the brightest and bravest youth in the world.


Scholarships awarded thus far

Scholarships Awarded to Students in Turkey

Scholarships Awarded to Students in U.S.

Scholarships Awarded to Students in Jordan


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My name is Nassif, and I am from Hama, Syria. I am 22 years old. In Hama, I was studying dentistry in Baath University, but I could not complete my degree because I was arrested by the Syrian regime soldiers on March 20th, 2016 on the night of Mother's Day. I was tortured very badly, but after three months, I was released because my dad paid a very big amount to the officers. Then I left for Turkey in the same year and began to study Turkish. I tried very hard to find a way to study dentistry, but I was not accepted. My physical handicap was also always a challenge.

Now I have been accepted into Automotive Engineering at Cumhuriyet University in Sivas, Turkey. I am currently studying Turkish, which is going well. The people in this city are also great. My language studies will end July 2017. I love to study because I think it is the only path to rid one of their difficult hardships in life; it will also allow me to recognize my dreams that I was not able to in Syria because of the was that affected my and many other young people's future. My dream is to be a person who is successful in life and to help others recognize their dreams. I have helped many students in Turkey with their education by showing them how to apply to college.

Fun fact about me: I like films that talk about difficult diseases and the path for treatment.


My name is Samah and I am from Aleppo, Syria, but I am currently a resident in Ottoman, Turkey. I decided to study Political Science and Public Administration when I witnessed the deficient politics in Syria after the revolution began; the erosion of politics over the decades resulted in tyranny and absence of political parties. During these trying times, we need people studying these fields. I hope to complete post graduate studies and specialize in international law and master multiple languages, and I want to be an advocate for girls in Syria.

Fun fact about me: My favorite book is Highlighted in Yellow: A Short Course In Living Wisely and Choosing Well by Jackson Brown.


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Thank you for standing with the next generation of Syrian doctors, engineers, lawyers, and scholars.
Thank you for supporting their education and an end to attacks against their schools.