A Higher Education for Syria's Youth


Karam Foundation has always been focused on the importance of education. We believe that education is the key to helping Syrian students achieve their goals, become contributing members of their host society, and to rebuild Syria in the future. We are proud to announce the launch of the Karam Scholars program to assist Syrian students who have fled to Turkey and those who have been resettled in the United States and are on a journey to pursue higher education.

Join us in support of some of the brightest and bravest youth in the world.



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Scholarships awarded thus far

Scholarships Awarded to Students in Turkey


Scholarships Awarded to Students in U.S.

Scholarships Awarded to Students in Jordan






My name is Nassif, and I am from Hama, Syria. I am 22 years old. I am currently studying Turkish, which is going well. My dream is to be a person who is successful in life and to help others recognize their dreams. I have helped many students in Turkey with their education by showing them how to apply to college.




My name is Samah and I am from Aleppo, Syria, but I am currently a resident in Ottoman, Turkey. I hope to complete post graduate studies and specialize in international law and master multiple languages, and I want to be an advocate for girls in Syria.




introducing the karam scholars: books not bombs fellowship!

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Karam Foundation is proud to partner with Books Not Bombs to offer scholarships for all displaced students.

Books Not Bombs is a student-led campaign aimed at creating more scholarships for displaced Syrian students, and students from other conflicts around the world. Once a student makes it back into the classroom, they typically still face financial challenges. As a way to make education more equitable for displaced students, we've created this fund to help students succeed in school.

The Books Not Bombs Fellowship is a new fund that will help displaced students cover gap expenses associated with higher education including registration and exam fees, school supplies and living expenses. To be eligible, a student must have been displaced from conflict and currently be enrolled in a higher education program. We are looking for applicants with a demonstrated commitment to education and community service and will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.


Fawaz and Amneh Kannout Scholarship Fund

Karam Foundation is honored to announce the Fawaz and Amneh Kannout Scholarship Fund for Syrian refugee students. Dr. Amneh and her late husband, Dr. Fawaz Kannout, have been among Karam's biggest supporters since 2007 – from our very first event until today. Dr. Fawaz lived a beautiful life of generosity and kindness. The Kannout family embodies the true meaning of Karam. We are dedicating our Karam Scholars programs in Jordan to Dr. Fawaz's memory and his lifelong commitment to helping others in need. This program grants university scholarships to deserving Syrian refugee students in Jordan. This year, 14 students are being supported in this program.

We hope the Fawaz and Amneh Kannout Scholarship Program will inspire and support the building of a strong, future generation of Syrian leaders.


Stay tuned for more announcements!

Turkey: Our Stories

The grant was really beneficial to me… I was able to focus on my studies without having to worry and despair over securing money every month for rent and food.
— Samah
The grant helped me buy my books and supplies for the courses needed, and to help me and my children get through the year. Thank you.
— Khadija
The grant gave me some financial security and allowed me to focus on my learning and educational needs. It was very important to me as it helped me focus on my studies.
— Nada
This grant relieved me from a lot of financial burdens, and allowed me to prepare for graduation this year.
— Mohammad







Thank you for standing with the next generation of Syrian doctors, engineers, lawyers, and scholars. 

Thank you for supporting their education and an end to attacks against their schools.