Karam Foundation strongly condemns the attacks carried out in Eastern Aleppo over the course of this past week. Today marks the fourth day of continuous artillery fire and airstrike assaults which have killed an estimated 87 people. Many people living in Eastern Aleppo consider this to be the most intense bombardment that the city has experienced over the past two years. This has led to civilian groups, such as the White Helmets to be unable to respond to emergency calls, as shells are constantly falling on the streets.

Any regard to human life has been forgotten. Unconfirmed reports on the ground have declared that every hospital in Eastern Aleppo has been destroyed. Regardless, it has been confirmed that at least 4 hospitals, including a pediatric hospital and a nearby clinic, which is one of the last providing intensive care in Aleppo, have been severely damaged in the last two days. This has lead to many hospitals moving their operations underground in order to save their patients.

In addition to airstrikes and barrel bombs, chemical weapons have also been reportedly used this week. Medics and aid workers recently reported a suspected toxic gas attack on a district on the western edge of the rebel-held area. At least 12 people, including several children have been treated for breathing problems.

The continuous bombardment of Eastern Aleppo is adding an additional strain to the plight in this area. An estimated 250,000 people remain trapped in this region with medical, food and clean water supplies running out. In just 20 days or less, the population of Eastern Aleppo could face the prospect of mass starvation and restricted access to lifesaving medical aid.

Next week marks the beginning of the holiday season and a time of giving. Please consider donating to help Syrians in need through one of our many campaigns, including our winter aid campaign, which focuses on providing winter essentials, such as a coat, gloves and hats to Syrian children. The people of Aleppo need your support and compassion.

Karam Foundation is dedicated to provide essential aid to Syrians inside Syria and in its neighboring countries by providing innovative education, smart aid and sustainable development.

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