On Monday, November 13, reports indicate that at least 50 civilians were killed after airstrikes targeted a marketplace in Atareb city in western Aleppo.  According to a local hospital, at least 15 children were killed in the attack. Eyewitnesses say there were three separate strikes on the marketplace. Activists believe that the attack was carried out by Russian military forces. Atareb is located in western Aleppo, and is considered to be part of the de-escalation zone established by Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

The marketplace is a staple of Atareb city and houses nearly 100 shops, many of which have been destroyed and reduced to rubble.

Syrian Network for Human Rights:

Syrian Network for Human Rights:

“The Syrian government and allied forces continue to target schools, hospitals and marketplaces with absolute impunity. The most mundane of activities for any human being carries the risk of death or injury in Syria. They are unable to find any relief from violence — despite the supposed de-escalation zones imposed by the international community. This has become the daily reality for the children of Syria: endless death and destruction met with shameful global silence.” said Omar Salem, Chairman of the Board.  

Karam Foundation strongly condemns the deliberate targeting of civilians. This is the second attack on a marketplace in the past 5 weeks – on October 8, regime warplanes targeted a marketplace in Maarat al Nouman in Idlib, killing at least 11 people. As humanitarians, we demand that the international community take the necessary steps to ensure the protection of all civilians throughout the country.

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