Karam Foundation is outraged and deeply saddened by the recent attack in Maarat Shurin. On Tuesday, December 19, warplanes targeted a residential neighborhood in Maarat Shurin in Northwestern Idlib province. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 19 people were killed, including 7 children. Though it is not yet clear who was responsible for the attack, activists on the ground believe that the strikes were carried out by either the Russian army or Syrian regime.

Idlib’s Syrian Civil Defense, also known as The White Helmets, reported that there were two consecutive strikes on the neighborhood. The death toll is expected to rise as more than 25 people are suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Our team is especially devastated, as this attack took place in one of the cities where we distributed our most recent winter aid. Earlier this month, Karam Foundation distributed critical winter aid items, including heaters and heating fuel to displaced families from Northern Hama that currently live in Maarat Shurin.

Karam Foundation, December 2017: Winter aid distribution to internally displaced families in Maarat Shurin

Karam Foundation, December 2017: Winter aid distribution to internally displaced families in Maarat Shurin

“As millions of Syrians face their seventh winter living in a humanitarian crisis, under bombs and siege, the international community continues to be silent witnesses to the suffering. Today we mourn the victims of Maarat Shurin, as well as the victims of the indiscriminate airstrikes in Eastern Ghouta, and all the innocent civilian victims of the daily atrocities in Syria. It is our duty as a humanitarian organization to give people living in such dire circumstances the sustenance and warmth they need. But it is particularly crushing for us to accept that we can’t shield them from the bombs falling from the sky. Every time innocent civilians, especially children like baby Karim and the children of Maarat Shurin, are not protected from airstrikes it is a bloody stain on our collective humanity.” – Lina Sergie Attar, Karam Foundation CEO/Co-Founder

Karam Foundation strongly condemns the deliberate targeting of civilians. As humanitarians, we continue to call on the international community to intervene and take the necessary measures to ensure the protection of all civilians throughout the country.

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