Yesterday morning President Donald J Trump signed a revised version of the Executive Order which originally banned travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the US. The new Executive Order, that is said to take effect on March 16, imposes a 90-day ban on the issuance of new visas to citizens from six Muslim-majority countries including Syria, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Yemen, and Sudan. The Order also includes a 120-day suspension of the US’s refugee program and states that the US will only accept up to 50,000 refugees in a year.

The revised Executive Order still criminalizes refugees and paints them as a potential threat to the nation’s security rather than a community of individuals that is fleeing war, terror, and persecution themselves. This order also fails to recognize that citizens of the listed countries who are eligible to obtain visas are set to undergo an extensive vetting process imposed by the US and that the average time to obtain a visa to travel to the US takes upwards of two years.

“This Executive Order is no different from the last one. It is a disgrace to our American values and it is inhumane. Refugees deserve our compassion and support as they are fleeing terror, persecution, and oppression. They are not the source of terror but rather the victims of it. We should be opening our borders to those families which seek refuge. Given the opportunity, they will be assets to the future of our country.”

–Lina Sergie Attar, Karam CEO/Co-Founder

Karam Foundation is appalled by this administration’s policy toward refugees and immigrants. This latest Executive Order is divisive and is by no means reflective of American values. We call on this administration to reassess the provisions of the proposed travel ban and to instead promote policies of inclusivity, acceptance, and support of vulnerable communities.