karam's statement on the attack in al-Salamiyah

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 IS militants launched a deadly attack on the village of Akareb,near the city of al-Salamiyah in Syria. Reports indicated that at least 52 people were killed, including women and children. According to news agencies, a number of women belonging to the same family were also taken from their homes and executed.

Karam Foundation is deeply outraged by the complete disregard for civilian life that has been demonstrated by not just the perpetrators of the atrocious attacks, but also of the international community that continues to stand idly by as violence ensues and continues to claim innocent lives.

Syrians have endured more than six years of a brutal war. The death toll continues to rise daily, surpassing 500,000. Families continue to make perilous journeys, fleeing home to find safety across the border. As humanitarians that are committed to improving the quality of life for those affected by the war, we are extremely disappointed by the international community’s inaction. We demand an end to the violence, and urge that necessary measures be taken in order to ensure the protection of civilians.