On April 7, 2018 the Syrian regime carried out a deadly chemical attack, using poisonous gas on residents of besieged Douma. At least 42 people were killed and another 700 were injured. Entire families were killed. Photos of the lifeless bodies of children that were suffocated to death, and videos of medical workers scrambling to assist dozens of people suffering and gasping for air have gone viral.

This is a sight we have seen time and time again. Almost exactly one year ago the Syrian regime launched a brutal assault using chemical weapons against the people of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib. At least 80 people were killed. Reports indicate that similar attacks have been carried out throughout the year, however on a smaller scale.

For years, we have asked, “How many more?” Last month, we said "Not one more."

Today, we have no words. We demand action.

We urge world leaders to take action and hold the Syrian regime and its allies accountable for its continued targeting of Syrian civilians. Before the next bomb drops, before another broken ceasefire, before another family is forcibly displaced and before the death toll rises once again

Our message to those in power, who have expressed shame and outrage, is simple: Protect Syrian lives. Stop the genocide. Now.