Karam Foundation Awarded $100,000 Matching Grant from Schooner Foundation

KARAM FOUNDATION, Monday, June 18, 2019 - Karam Foundation founder and CEO Lina Sergie Attar announced today that the organization has received a $100,000 challenge matching grant from the Schooner Foundation in support of Karam’s innovative educational programs for Syrian youth. The grant will match all donations on a 2:1 basis made from now until the end of the year.

This challenge grant comes at an opportune time as Karam Foundation is in the midst of their World Refugee Day campaign: a campaign that highlights and celebrates the dreams and aspirations of their 10,000 Leaders  - Syrian youth who will be society’s future artists, engineers, doctors, journalists, and more.

“We are thrilled to support the Karam Foundation in their relentless efforts to empower displaced Syrian youth and families” Schooner Foundation executive director Julia Pettengill said. “By providing the necessary education and development opportunities to foster a promising future for individuals, families, and communities, Karam Foundation is building a generation of problem-solvers, change-makers, and innovators. Through this grant, Schooner Foundation aims to leverage its support of Karam’s work, and to inspire others to do the same.”

Lina Sergie Attar adds, “To receive this generous support from the Schooner Foundation is incredibly exciting, not only for Karam Foundation, but also for the thousands of Syrian youth that the grant will uplift and empower. We hope the multiplying effect of this matching grant will encourage many more people - both new and familiar to Karam - take part in building 10,000 Leaders for the future of Syria.”

This matching grant supports the Schooner Foundation’s commitment to advancing human rights, and its core beliefs in the fundamental right to a life with dignity, opportunity, and access to resources.

About Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation is a nonprofit organization building a better future for Syria. We do this by developing innovative education programs for Syrian refugee youth, distributing smart aid to Syrian families, and funding sustainable development projects initiated by Syrians for Syrians.

Karam means generosity in Arabic — our simple vision is to give what was needed to those who needed it anywhere around the world. In 2007, we started with a food drive on the southside of Chicago. Today, our impact expands across Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and the United States, building a better future for thousands of Syrian families.