Here's what we're doing this ramadan


Ramadan Food Baskets

We are distributing food baskets to 3,100 families located in Atmeh Camp, Rif Aleppo, Rif Hama, Rif Idlib, Maarat al Noman, and Aleppo. Each food basket includes Suhoor and Iftar items for a whole family to last 1 month.

$30 for each family

food kitchen-55.png

ramadan food kitchens

We are sponsoring community kitchens that will prepare Iftar meals and collectively serve more than 57,000 people located in Alatareb, Maarat Misrin for IDPs from Zabadani and Madaya, Kafranbel, Rif Lattakia, Atmeh Camp, and besieged Ghouta.

 $96 for each family


end of ramadan celebration

We will be distributing Eid sweets and toys to 10,000 internally displaced families in Atmeh Camp, Rif Aleppo, Rif Hama, and Khan Sheikhoun at the end of the month so that families and their children can celebrate the end of Ramadan. 

$5 for each family


ice cubes-54.png

Ice for cold drinking water

When we asked communities on the ground what they need this Ramadan, they asked for cold water. This year we are providing ice to 8,000 families so that they can have cold drinking water when they break their fast during Iftar this month.

$20 for each family

EID mubarak from syria!

Our team distributed sweets and toys to families and children throughout Syria!

First Day of Distribution

our team in syria distributed Food baskets in Atmeh camp to internally displaced families from Damascus, Homs, Hama, and Aleppo.


Updates from the ground

our team on the ground in idlib is currently preparing food baskets for 2,000 families that are internally displaced in syria. you can feed a family for $30 this month.


Stay tuned for more updates!



During this blessed month of giving, break your fast with your friends and family while feeding displaced and refugee Syrian families.


This year, dedicate your annual Iftar to helping Karam Foundation feed Syrians in need. Get started by pulling up mama's favorite recipes and create your own fundraising page! Don't forget to set your goal for your Iftar!


shop the souk this month!

shop our new products made exclusive for ramadan! gift friends and family handmade products made by self taught syrian artisan women that are displaced.

The Karam Team wishes you a Ramadan Mubarak!