this ramadan, give hope. give karam.

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Smart aid for Syrian Families

This Ramadan, Karam Foundation will be distributing food kits and providing warm meals to 2,000 families throughout Northern Syria, particularly in Aleppo and Idlib.

That’s approximately 12,000 Syrians.

We can’t do it without you! By donating now, you can help us provide this vital aid to Syrian families and children in need.

Please note: once our food distribution project is fully funded, any remaining funds will be allocated to our other zakat-eligible programs serving Syrian refugee families, such as Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family and Syria School Support.

3 ways you can support our ramadan campaign:

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1. donate to the cause

Each food basket has enough food for one month and contains key staples for Suhoor and Iftar, including oil, sugar, burghol, beans, zaatar, canned deli meat, ghee, jam, tea, rice, and more. In addition to food baskets, we will also distribute freshly cooked meals to families twice throughout the month.  

It only costs $45 to provide one kit and two meals to each family.

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2. host an iftar

This year, you can dedicate your Iftar to help Karam Foundation feed Syrians in need.

  • Host: Set up your fundraising page HERE. Customize your page, and be sure to let friends know why you're fundraising for us!

  • Invite: Tell your friends – we suggest creating a Facebook event and sharing the link to your fundraiser there!

  • Fundraise: Be sure to encourage your guests to donate to your fundraiser before, during, and after your event!

  • Document: Don’t forget to send us pictures so we can share your efforts with our supporters!

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3. Share the campaign with your networks

We’ll be sharing updates from the ground all throughout Ramadan on our social media! Whether you find yourself on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you’ll be able to share what we’re doing with your loved ones!

Don’t forget - the more you share, the more you amplify our impact!


before Ramadan begins: Food Basket preparation and ticket distribution

Due to the increased violence in Idlib, our team on the ground carried out many of their Ramadan preparations during the night.

Ramadan begins: Food basket and warm meal distributions

Food baskets are distributed in the first week of Ramadan so that families can benefit from the supplies the entire month. This Ramadan, however, distributions were done differently due to the violence. Syria Project Coordinator Omar explains, “Because of the security situation and fear of airstrikes, we had to alter our distribution plans. Distributions were done in smaller groups to avoid large gatherings and were done in areas that were not as visible.”

Thank you for making this month easier for me and my family. The kit was able to cover both Suhoor and Iftar and I didn’t have to worry about the costs of food in Ramadan. Thank you for bringing happiness into our household.