Mini-Waxes Sachet

Mini-Waxes Sachet


Enjoy our new, holiday special - our Mini-Wax Scents! These long-lasting products are perfect for spreading the natural fragrances of Syria throughout your home.

There are two unique sachets to choose from: 

1. Burlap Sachet - This sachet contains a beautiful mixture of 2 lavender-scented, crocheted waxes and 2 of our new, lavender-scented waxes.

- In Syrian tradition, the scent of lavender is seen as a symbol of return and safe travels. Gift these small waxes to a loved one to carry with them during their holiday travels!

2. White Sachet - This sachet contains a 2 laurel-scented, crocheted waxes and 2 of our trademark, laurel-scented waxes.

- If you've fallen in love with the traditional scents of Aleppo and have become simply obsessed with our laurel products, you will love our laurel-scented waxes! Now you can keep the natural scent of Aleppo with you wherever you go. 

Want to keep these precious scents in your home, all to yourself? These little sachets can also be tucked inside your linen closet, inside the pockets of your favorite coat, or inside your drawer! You can also throw any of the waxes in with your fresh laundry or in a cold wash to add the fresh fragrances of Syria to your clothing! 

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