Our best-selling soap pouch is embroidered and tasseled in Karam Foundation's trademark turquoise blue. The soaps give back to the artisan community in Damascus who made them and also give the user the rare pleasure of experiencing an authentic scent of Syria - Laurel (Ghar) from Aleppo.

Included: 1 pouch and a 5.0 oz XL crochet olive oil laurel soap

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Each soap is made in Aleppo, transported to Damascus where the women sew, embroider, and package them in traditional Syrian styles. The finished products are sent to Beirut and shipped to Chicago courtesy of Aramex.  http://www.aramex.com

Created in Aleppo Syria, Laurel is called Ghar in Arabic and is totally natural, made of Olive and Laurel Oil soap. It is handmade using a very traditional method and its secret lies in the untouched quality of its ingredients. Our soap is certified Derma-cosmetic and Hypoallergenic. Composed of pure Noble Olive oil, as well as oil from the pulp of the Laurel berry, it is guaranteed pure, natural and of vegetable origin. No animal derivatives are used and it is completely biodegradable.

The Laurel and Olive oil in the soap, provides a deep, gentle and moisturizing cleansing to your skin. The Laurel soap with its antiseptic and disinfectant properties, will help stimulate, tone and restore your skin. Laurel soap is expensive and often difficult to come by, which means that this is one of our most special and exclusive soaps directly from Aleppo, Syria. 

  • Laurel is a wonderful soap that cleans and clears the pores and softens the skin in a fantastic way. We recommend the soap for all skin types. Always keep the soap as dry as possible after use. 
  • Laurel soap is also good for dry hair, dandruff and also alleviates dandruff eczema. The oil increases circulation and thus improve the hair's elasticity and shine. 
  • Laurel soap can be applied to the entire body, from head to toe, and many of our customers use it as shampoo soap.