Providing long-term support for Syrian refugee schools is an essential part of our innovative education programs. Since 2013, we have built three fully-equipped computer labs that serve over 2500 students, outfitted schools with heating systems, ventilation systems, kitchens, basketball courts, sports equipment, playground and soccer fields, year-round dental clinics, and funded basic renovations. These fundamental improvements affect the students’ and administration’s daily life - enriching the schools with fundamental tools and spaces that fuel good health, innovation, and creativity.


Karam Foundation is collaborating with Taalim, a Syrian NGO on the ground to rebuild schools that have been damaged by barrel bombs and airstrikes. Karam supports the rehabilitation of these schools so that kids inside Syria can continue their education. Karam Foundation also supports several other schools in Syria including several underground schools in Aleppo. We will continue to support schools inside Syria because all children deserve the right to an education even in a war-zone.

School Bus Transportation

Many Syrian refugee families cannot afford the bus transportation costs needed to send their kids to school. We've registered 180 children from cities across Turkey including Anjara, Kirikhan, and Koecali, in schools nearest to them, and hired buses to transport them back and forth. $25 a month covers the bus expenses for 1 child to go to school. This project will transform this entire community of refugees and help them to support their children’s futures.