NoUr, ENAAM, hEba AND feraS




OUR STORY (SEPTEMBER 2016): We live with our mother, older sisters, Mouna and Lana, and our uncle's children, Feras and Enaam. Our mother tries every morning to find work, but has had a hard time finding steady employment. Our older sisters' paychecks are not enough to cover our expenses. We have been out of school for at least two years and are looking forward to return to school. -NOUR & HEBA

UPDATE - MARCH 2016: "We love going to school. We don't like missing school when we get sick. We are taking English and Turkish classes. The language classes are very important because we need to know these languages to communicate with other people. Our teachers are so nice. We enjoy our Arabic classes too because it is our mother tongue and it's easy for us. I really like drawing, it's my favorite hobby. We are so happy to be going to school. We wake up early in the morning by ourselves and get ready. Thank you for your support!" - Nour

UPDATE - JUNE 2016: "We have so many exciting updates for you! Feras is now first in his class, which is amazing. His behavior has also improved so much. He used to be a handful for the teachers, but he has become so much better. Our teachers and our family all have noticed this. Enaam is ranked second in her class, which we are all so happy about too. Before we started school, Heba used to not do anything because she had a lot of free time. But now, Heba is really interested in learning and she has made some great friends. As for me, I’ve discovered that I love drawing -- art classes are my favorite. My mommy says that I’ve grown up a lot since started school and that she’s especially proud of how dedicated I am to my studies!" -Nour

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2016: "This summer we visited Antakya, which was really fun since we got to see our relatives and cousins! We are all so excited to back school because we miss our friends. I’m going to be learning how to draw, and Heba is really excited for the math classes. Feras and Nour want to take Qu’ran classes and computer classes. We are all going to miss the summer vacation though, because we got to play and sleep in!” - Enaam

UPDATE - JANUARY 2017: "This semester has been really fun. I'm really happy because I got a 100 percent on my English exam which was so hard. My sisters are really enjoying their Arabic classes and I am liking my Turkish class. So far, I know how to count and tell the date. At school, I play soccer with my best friend, Hussam. My mom is very proud of us because our teachers are always telling her how we've improved and how we are going to be very successful in all of our classes because of all our hard work!" -Love, Feras

UPDATE - APRIL 2017: "We are an artistic family, because my siblings and I all love drawing. Our favorite subjects in school are all art. I wish there was an opportunity for me to show off my art in an exhibition. In addition to art, my siblings and I all did exceedingly well in school. Even little Enaam is doing excellent!" -Love, Heba

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “My sister and I visited Ankara, which is the capital city of Turkey. Firas was very active this summer, we went to a river and he swam in it, he also studied Turkish. This year my youngest sister Enaam wants to be the first in class and she’s started to study hard to achieve this goal. All of us except for Enaam love Reyhanli because it is close to home and we got used to it, while Enaam wants to go back to Syria because it’s her homeland.” – Hiba.

UPDATE - JANUARY 2018: “I moved to Al-Salam school and I did very well on my exams. I sometimes help my friends in physics and chemistry because I am good at them, and they help me with my Turkish. We’re generally thrilled to be going to school because there are many activities we get to do there, and also play with our friends. On the weekends I go to Karam House and to camp.” – Nour.


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