abdul-kareem AND mohamad





We are the littlest members of Karam’s Sponsor a Family Program. They usually only take kids who are school-aged, and we are only 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old! But when they heard our story, they decided to support our family. Our mother is only 17. Our father was killed in Syria. We live with our grandparents and our cousins, Yasmeen, Heithem, and Khaled. We hope one day we too will go to school. We also hope that our mother will be able to create a better future for us because of the support we are receiving now from Karam.

UPDATE - MARCH 2016: "The past few months have been really fun! We spend a lot of time at home, playing with each other with balls in our courtyard.  We spend time with our Grandfather, and sometimes he takes us to the market and buys us candies and goodies that we take to picnic in the park near our house. Our mommy says sometimes we are well-behaved, though we have a lot of energy and sometimes we do break our toys. When our cousins come home from school, we get so happy because they play with us and take care of us! We are sad when they leave and would rather they stayed with us."

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2016:  "Our schedule did not really change that much in the summer. My counting is getting better, though Mohamad is still too young to learn. My mommy is helping me learn the alphabet so I can be prepared for Kindergarten! Mommy is really happy that I am starting school even though it means I will not be at home with her and my brother, who I will miss dearly." - Mohamad

UPDATE - JANUARY 2017: "Next year, Abdulkareem is going to be going to kindergarten. I will miss him a lot. My mom has been helping him prepare by teaching him all the numbers and colors and days of the week. I try to learn with him, but it's a little hard!" -Love, Mohammad

UPDATE - APRIL 2017: “I am able to count to 10 in Arabic, while my brother Mohamad can’t, which makes mummy very proud of me! I keep singing her my favorite song and it makes her happy.” – Abdul-kareem

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017:  “Now along with the counting I can read the Arabic alphabets! Mohammad is still trying to learn and seems to be enjoying it a lot!” – Abdul-kareem

UPDATE - JANUARY 2018: “I want to start going to kindergarten soon, because there I can play with other kids and east during our break time. I usually wake up have breakfast and go with my grandfather to the store for some grocery shopping for the family.” – Abdul-kareem.

UPDATE - MAY 2018: “I really enjoy going to the park with my aunt and brother. I love eating figs, playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.” – Abdul-kareem.


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