OUR FAMILY:  KHADIJA (14), BASHIR (13), BUSHRA (11), MUSTAFA (10), AYA (6), ALA (5) 


We left our home in Idlib three years ago to escape the war after our father was detained for a short period. Since leaving, we have been working odd jobs to help our mother and father. We have been out of school for one year to work more hours to support our family. Our father collects garbage on the streets and our mother is a maid at the school. After Karam visited us last month, we are so excited to start school. We all are very passionate about education, and are looking forward to going back to school.

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2016: "We are so excited to be going back to school. This summer we want to Antakya but we really missed our friends and our teachers. We have to be the first in our classes and I think we can do it since we will all motivate each other to work hard! We really missed our friends during the vacation."

UPDATE - JANUARY 2017: "This semester we had a party at school because of how well all our classmates did on exams. My siblings and I all did pretty well, which is great because it made us all happy and it made our parents really happy too. Bushra, Ayah, and me all love Arabic class the most, and Bashir and Mustafa love Math class. We all help each other out with any classes that are difficult for us. It is a little harder sometimes because we were out of school for a while, so Bushra and Bashir are having trouble getting back into the swing of things, but all of our teachers said that we are all improving every day." -Love, Khadija

UPDATE - APRIL 2017: "Khadija's favorite subject is drawing – she spends her time at home after doing homework drawing beautiful pictures. Sometimes, she plays soccer too. Me, I like working with my teachers and playing with my friends. Mustafa and Aya spend a lot of time running and playing with their friends. We're doing pretty well in school and I know Bashir is going to be studying even harder to do even better." -Love, Bushra

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “This summer, I got to learn more about science from a real scientist at Karam House! My brother got to learn about philosophy. Me and my siblings also swam a lot in the pool and took Turkish language classes. I love being at school with my friends and my teachers, especially my English and science teachers. I am excited to be a nurse when I grow up, so I am working hard at school to get ranked first!” - Khadija

UPDATE - JANUARY 2018: “I go to a Turkish school and I’m in first grade now. I always see my older siblings study hard, and they help me whenever I need something. Bushra is putting a lot of effort into learning in Turkish because it is a little hard for her. In our free time after school we do different activities; some of us go to Karam House to learn English, while some of us enjoy drawing and creating art.” –Alaa.

UPDATE - MAY 2018: “My mom is my superhero! She has the kindest heart and she’s always taking care of us. I have two best friends in school, we always eat our lunch together. Maths is my favourite class.” – Mustafa



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