OUR FAMILY:  AMANI (14), AYA (9), YAZAN (10), SEDRA (6)

OUR STORY:  We left our home in Homs after being internally displaced for months. We were constantly in fear as the violence surrounding us grew more intense. Our city became a battle ground for different groups. Since we left, we have all tried to stay in school, however life is so unstable, and the possibility of sacrificing our education in order to support our family is high. Since Karam visited our home last month, we were reassured that we will be able to continue our education. We are so excited; Amani is going to begin 7th grade, Aya will continue 2nd grade, Yazan will be starting 4th grade, and Sedra is very excited to begin 1st grade.

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2016: "This summer we went to the park to play a lot. It is nice to go play outside! We are really excited about school so that we can play with our friends and so that we can study. We are sad that the summer is over and that we’ll be not going to the park as much, but that’s okay because we are all looking forward to learning more Turkish."

UPDATE - JANUARY 2017: "We got our exam results back this semester and we all did very well. School is really fun and every day, we wake up just before my dad wants to wake us up for classes. He thinks it is really funny how excited we get. My favorite teacher so far is my Turkish teacher. She is very nice and a very good instructor. Aya and Sedra also like their Turkish teachers. Yazan really likes his religious studies instructor. My best friend at school is Ahlam -she and I always sit next to each other and share secrets. I am glad because my siblings all have friends to play with at school too!" -Love, Amani

UPDATE - APRIL 2017: "At school, we've been making a lot of friends and having a lot of fun. Aya's favorite subject is Turkish, and she's doing quite well in it. My favorite subject is English and I'm going to try my hardest to get even better at it. Our school is wonderful and we love all our teachers too". -Love, Amani

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “I am so excited for school to start! At school, I get to learn more Turkish and play with my best friend Raghad. I am going to work extra hard this year to place first in my class. I miss Syria, but Turkey is my new home and I love it, especially my new friends.” - Aya

UPDATE - JANUARY 2018: “I have recently made three new friends, and we are learning how to read in Turkish. I always ask the teacher when I don’t understand something. Yazan and Aya are doing very well in school and their grades are good.” – Sedra.

UPDATE - MAY 2018: “My dad is a carpenter and I always look up to him, he’s always supporting us. I love my teachers in school! Sidra and Aya are doing well and we are always trying to improve our Turkish by taking extra courses.” – Yazan.


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