OUR FAMILY: AHMAD (2004), ISRAA (2006), ALI (2011)

OUR STORY: “Our father died during the war, which left my mother with no option other than leaving our home, we ended up coming to Istanbul where both my mother and brother Ahmad are working. Ahmad tried going to school but he had some problems which made him eventually drop out. I only go to school and now with your help Ali will be able to go too! Having only a single mother makes the situation hard and we all feel the responsibility to help her out.” – Israa

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “A funny story that happened with me recently was while sliding and my pants got ripped from the back, I had to tie my jacket around my waist until I got back home. My hopes for this academic year is to improve my English and to be the leader of my class for a while, which I have already done before! I love Istanbul and I enjoy living in it. My hopes for the future are to travel to Europe, specifically Germany. Also I hope that I could stay with my mom and never leave her alone” –Israa.

“I have one new friend, and one old friends. Their names are Haitham and Haroon. This year I plan on improving my English. When I grow I want to become either a dentist or a police officer.” –Ali.

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2017: “School is going very well for me and I just got 99% on my English test! Ali and I made a lot of friends at school and we speak Turkish very well. Aysegul Hoca is my favourite teacher and she teaches me English. We play with our friends on our free time.” – Israa.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018: “It is a short enjoyable walk from my house to school. I always look up to my dad and my favourite soccer team is Real Madrid. Most of my friends in school are Turkish and we get along very well. Ali and Israa are doing very good in school and they try their best to get good grades..” – Ahmad.


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