OUR STORY: After we escaped Syria due to intense shelling, our father died from cancer. This made our mother get re-married and leave us with our uncle, who cares for us. We are lucky to have the support from Karam Foundation to help him help us study and grow.

UPDATE - MARCH 2017: “Abdulrahman is so smart, he’s the number one student in his class. Mohammad is also such a good student, too and was the first three of his class. I’m trying very hard to be better at school so I can win prizes like my siblings; Abdulrahman won a teddy bear at school! He named him Dabdoub. For fun, we play with our friends.” - Musa

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “I love swimming and that’s what I enjoyed doing the most this summer. Now I am in 4th grade and my best friend’s name is Mohamad (just like mine!), we spend most of our times together. Last year I was the third in class, and I’m very proud of this achievement. This year I want to be the first. One day I want to become a surgeon.” – Mohammad.

UPDATE- DECEMBER 2017: “School is good and the students are nice to me. I speak Turkish in school and it is easy for me. Our parents and uncle usually help us with our homework. Musa loves his teacher Zainap the most and he’s been learning how to add and subtract numbers. I like drawing in my free time after school.” – Abdulrahman.

UPDATE- APRIL 2018: “I like watching cartoons and my favorite character is Spiderman, I want to be able to fly like him. I go to school by bus with my brother Abdulrahman and I have many friends at school. Mohammad likes helping our mother and he’s always supporting her, and he also loves eating ice-cream. I enjoy math class the most.” – Mousa.

UPDATE- AUGUST 2018: “For mother’s day we surprised our mom and threw her a party at home. My favorite animal is the horse because it’s so fast. This summer I attended many workshops and memorized Quran. My best memory was visiting the zoo in Gaziantep. I got to see a wild cat for the very first time. The animals seemed a bit sad.” - Mohammad. 

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2018: “I’m in fifth grade in a Turkish school! Everything is going well, but sometimes the Turkish students create problems with the Syrian ones. My Turkish skills are good, my classes are easy, and my friend Mohanad makes me laugh because he sings loudly in class! If I could send the world a message, I would tell them to help the poor and and turn towards education.”  - Mohammed 

UPDATE - APRIL 2019: “During the mid-year break this year, I played with my brother Mohammed, and we went out a trip and had so much fun! I’m so excited for summer because we have a long break and get to go on a lot of trips. My favorite people to go on trips with are my mom and dad.” -  Mosa  

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2019: “Sixth grade is tough but I’m doing really well, the teachers have said my Turkish has improved a lot and that I’m one of the best students in Turkish. I'm really proud of that, as I have been working so hard and studying a lot!”- Mohammed


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