OUR FAMILY: MOHAMED (2000), FATMA (2002), RASHA (2004), SAMAH (2011)

OUR STORY: “Mohammad loves painting, and he likes to draw houses and mosques. I love learning Turkish and singing different songs. Rasha likes to play soccer, and Samah loves playing tag with her friends. We all performed so well in school. Rasha did the best and we got to celebrate her at the ceremony. Fatima did pretty well, considering she was the one out of school the longest. We all have new friends and play with them after school after our homework!” - Samah

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “I went on a ferry in Mersin and I was so happy! My elder siblings all attended the courses that were offered at Karam House, which they enjoyed a lot.  I am now in first grade and it’s a whole new level of excitement. I made new friends, but one time while playing tag I fell on the floor and they all started laughing, it’s fine though because we were having so much fun.” – Rawan.

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2017: “My grades were very good and I am proud of that. Science is my hardest class and my friend Ghazal in school helps me with it. We’re all very thrilled to be going to school and we speak Turkish very well. Mohammad, Fatma and I go to Karam House regularly and I’ve recently finished reading a book at the library they have in Karam House.” – Rasha.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018: “There’s a park that we pass by everyday while going to school. Rasha and I have a lot of friends in school and we always play together. I love maths class and my least favourite class is science. Rasha really enjoys maths also and favourite soccer team is Real Madrid.” – Fatma.


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