OUR FAMILY: SEDRA (2009), ABDULLAH (2001), SAFA (2003)

OUR STORY: “Like many others, our family was forced to leave Syria after our home in Idlib was shelled and destroyed, killing our father. That was more than four years ago; today, my mother, brother and sister and I, live in Reyhanli where we are unable to make ends meet. My mother was struggling to work and make enough money to send all of us to school and didn’t want us to interrupt our education. When we met Karam Foundation, we were unsure how much longer Safa and Abdullah would be able to attend school before they would have to work. Thanks to Karam Foundation, we are able to continue our school and our mom is not under as much pressure anymore.” - Sedra

UPDATE - APRIL 2017: “Safa is the smartest girl at our school. They even awarded her at a ceremony for being first in our class! I’m second in my class and got an award too. Abdullah has been a superstar on the soccer field and is trying to do better in school so he can get an award like us. I like to play on the new ping pong table and race my friends during P.E while Safa plays basketball with our teachers during free time.” -Sedra

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “This summer, Abdullah and Safa both worked on college preparation. I’m happy for them but it will be lonely with both of them gone when they’re in college! Abdullah is studying Turkish to become better at it and Safa is also improving her Turkish. This summer, I had fun though because I got to see my cousins and family. We are happy that school is back in session, and got to go back to school shopping and we all got new notebooks!” - Sedra

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2017: “We have a playground in school and a basketball court. My teachers are patient with me, they help me to understand and make it clear for me when I ask them questions. We go to Karam Lab in the evenings.” – Safa.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018: “My father is my role model, because he is always trying hard to make sure that we are living a good life. I go by bus everyday to school and we pass by beautiful trees and places. My friends and I always play together during our break, I like playing football and my favourite team is FC Barcelona. Safa and Sedra are doing well in school and they’re always eager to learn.” – Abdullah.


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