CITY OF ORIGIN: al-houla, homs



OUR STORY (SEPTEMBER 2015):  We have been displaced for 18 months. We have not attended school for that entire time. We do odd-jobs in order to help support our family. Our father, an older man, has been unable to find work while our mother has to stay at home to take care of our baby sibling. When the Karam Team visited our family, we were able to quit our jobs so we can go to school. We are so happy to be part of Karam's Learn Not Earn program. 

UPDATE - MARCH 2016: "We both really love math because it is fun to solve the problems. We are both very good at it. We love going to school. We are always excited to see our teachers and our friends. Our teachers are so kind and very patient with us. They make school fun for us. Thank you for your support!" - Mouna

UPDATE - JUNE 2016: "Esraa and I love school because that’s where learn. I’ve learned how to read and write and Esraa has learned to love school. I’m much more positive and happy than I was before. This summer, I want to do arts and crafts at school!" - Mouna

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2016:  "Esraa and I took summer classes and reviewed our lessons, this summer. It was not the most exciting but we were happy because it gave us a chance to improve ourselves. We are looking forward to school because we missed our teachers and our friends. We are both hoping to learn some computer courses this year." - Mouna

UPDATE - JANUARY 2017: "The first semester was so fun, especially since there was a big part for all of us since we got such good grades on our exams. Esraa and I are both glad to be back in school because we really enjoy our Arabic and Turkish classes. At school, we both play with our best friends, Marwa and Batoul." -Love, Mouna

UPDATE - APRIL 2017: Our school is really cool because we have little parties and festivals often to make sure that we're always having fun and are always excited to be there.  In addition to my math classes, they're my favorite thing ever! We both did really well and our dad is so proud – he talks to our teacher regularly to make sure we're on the right track" -Love, Mouna

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “We took Turkish classes and visited some family during the summer. This year I moved to a new school and made new friends. Both my sister and I love maths. Last year each one of us was the first in class and we strive to do that again this year. One day I want to become a school principal while Esraa wants to become a teacher.” – Mona.

UPDATE - JANUARY 2018: “I was so happy to be starting school again, and I studied so hard for my exam and that’s why I was able to get excellent grades. Our parents help us in our homeworks most of the time and we can also ask our teachers at school. I go to a Syrian school and Esraa goes to a Turkish one. Everything is going well and we have no trouble understanding our classes.” – Mona.

UPDATE - MAY 2018:  “On my way to school the bus passes through many nice parks and we see birds drinking water. Everyone in class is my friend but I have 5 close ones, we always play and eat our snacks together. I have no problem in school all my classes are easy but I have to work extra hard for my Turkish class since it’s a bit difficult.” – Israa.




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