“After the heavy bombardment on our hometown in the countryside of Damascus and being internally displaced for a year, we decided to leave Syria and come to Turkey. Our parents were separated and I lived with mom and Abdulwahab lived with dad. They reconciled later and we all moved in together. We love school and I would like to become a chemist when I grow up, while my brother would like to become an artist.” - Shahed.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “This year I started studying in a new Turkish school, where the kids are kind of racist, and since my Turkish isn’t good yet I find it difficult to stand up for myself. This year I plan on improving my Turkish and to be the first student in class. Istanbul is a good place for Syrians to live in because it offers much more opportunities than other cities. When I grow up I would want to be an actor and become famous, not only in Syria, but also worldwide. I want to become a wrestler as well because I love that sport. I am currently working on a youtube channel and hopefully it’ll become an important channel.” –Abdulwahab.

“I am happy that school has started again, I have so many Turkish friends that love me and help me improve my Turkish. I have a friends that is trying to learn Arabic, so we help each other out and make fun of each other’s mistakes, it’s funny how she pronounces some Arabic words!  I like Istanbul but I would love it if I could live in Paris. Singing is my passion and one day I would like to become a singer.” –Shahed.

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2017: “For me everything is going well, teachers and students treat me in a nice way. My grades are improving because I am working hard and learning Turkish. Abdulwahab says that his physics and chemistry classes are the hardest. Our mother helps us study and takes care of us. My brother wants to start working on his YouTube channel on his free time.” – Shahed.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018: "I faced a small problem in the beginning of the year at school. I was so excited to attend a Turkish school, but a group of girls were constantly throwing remarks at me that i couldn’t understand. Later on, a student explained to me that they were cursing at me, so I ended up fighting with one of the girls. Regardless of that problem, I really enjoy science and English class.  I always strive to become more confident in myself. I love playing football and pool with my friends. I have so many Syrian friends, and I plan to make Turkish friends as well next year in school. I never really had a good relationship with the Turkish people in general, but I’m planning to change that. I really wish for the Syrians and Turkish people to become like brothers and sisters, with no distinguishment what so ever.  My favorite hero is the boxer Bruce Lee, because he’s respectful with good manners, and also athletic. My favorite sports team is Barcelona and the Syrian league.” - Abdulwahab.


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