OUR FAMILY: AMR (2010), BISHR (2002)

OUR STORY: “We fled Syria in the early days of the revolution after the heavy shelling on our neighborhood and after dad and two of our brothers were killed, and our oldest brother was arrested. We came to Istanbul and lived with the neighbors and I used to work for a little bit more than $200 a month, but thanks to Karam we now have our a house for ourselves, and I go to school and so does my little brother Amr.” - Bishr

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “I was very scared that they would make me repeat 9th grade all over again since I wasn’t able to finish it last year, but when we went for the registration I was accepted in grade 10. I go to a Syrian school but we have a lot of Turkish lessons. My brother Amr goes to a Turkish school and his teachers and friends love him. We all like Istanbul, but I think it is a bit expensive. One day I want to become a pilot and travel the world with my family.” – Bishr

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2017: “My grades were good but the worst thing about school is that sometimes it takes me three hours a day to commute. English is the easiest class and I usually study on my own. I have Syrian and Turkish friends, and my favourite teacher is the Arabic teacher because I am able to understand very well from him. Amr is enjoying his school and has made a lot of Turkish friends.” – Bishr.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018: “I definitely prefer my new school over my old one because I have made more friends here. My favorite subject in school is Turkish language, and I love this new school because our teachers do not yell at us. For fun, I play with my little sister Aisha, and with games on the phone. I love pizza and hamburgers! I go to a Turkish school, so all of my friends are Turkish. “ - Amr.


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