OUR FAMILY: RIDA (2004), RADWAN (2006), RAEL (2010)

OUR STORY: “Like other Syrians we had to leave Syria to escape the violence and live in a safe country where we can continue with our education. After our father went missing and we were internally displaced we came to Istanbul and mom started working as a teacher, as well as doing another job in sales to support us. And because she was doing two jobs she did not have enough time to look after us and help us study. We used to walk to school and back every day before we were supported by Karam. Now we can pay for transportation and we are doing better at school since mom can help us because she can now work less to take care of us.” – Radwan.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “Over the summer I’ve joined a soccer club, I am a bit sad that summer break is over. The best part about school is the P.E class and when we get to play soccer during our lunch break. If I were the owner of the school I would turn it into a soccer club! When I grow up I want to become a famous soccer player. My hope for this year is to succeed in my lessons.” –Rida.

“I have no problems in school and I’ve made so many friends. One day I hope that I can become an Engineer or maybe a Doctor.” –Radwan.

“During the summer I worked in folding clothes. I go to a Turkish school and I was happy that it started again, I enjoy playing with my friends during the break, and it would have been great if the break was bit longer. I want to work hard on myself to improve and succeed.” - Raed.

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2017: “School is very good, and my grades were okay. Turkish is difficult for me, but my brothers find it easy. We all help each other so we can get better at school. Our Turkish friends like us and we get along with everyone. Radwan loves his teacher Sibel that most because she is kind to them and lets them play. On the weekends we go to a football club and I usually score a lot of goals!” – Rida.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018: “I don’t face any difficulties at school except with the Turkish language, and my favorite subject is math. I love going on trips. I have so many friends, my whole class are my friends. I wish for all of them to become rich in the future. The person I look up to the most is Messi.” - Raed.


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