OUR STORY:  “Due to the heavy bombardment on Aleppo we decided to leave and we went to Egypt. We stayed there for a while before coming to Turkey. Because of this displacement and the need to work here to help support our family we were out of school for two years. We really wanted to go back to school since we were doing very well and we love to learn, so when Karam Foundation came and offered us help to stop working at a workshop and continue with our education we didn’t hesitate for a second. I’m in the fifth grade now and my brother is in the third grade. I want to be a pediatrician when I grow up and Nasruddin wants to become a pilot.” – Omar.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2017: “In the summer my brother and I were able to practice our favorite hobby, which is football. We’ve recently started school and I really like my teachers and friends. I want to become a doctor one day and help the people in Syria, while my younger brother Nasruddin wants to be a pilot.” – Omar.

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2017: “School is going very well for me and when we got our exam grades I came out third in class! For me the hardest subject is English and sometimes I ask my relatives to help me with it, and the easiest is maths. Nasruddin finds all his classes to be easy. We still get excited about going to school and learn Turkish. Every weekend we go to a football club and camping.” – Omar.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018: “School is going very well for my brother Omar and I. I really like my Arabic language teacher, and I find some difficulty in math. I’ll become so happy if I sign up for  football and swimming lessons one day. My favorite food is fried chicken and french fries. I have six or seven close friends, and we have a really good relationship and treat each other with respect. I wish to become a pilot in the future, while my brother wishes to become a detective just like Sherlock Holmes.” - Nasruddin.


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