OUR FAMILY: MUSTAFA (2003), KAMEL (2005), ABDULAZZIZ (2012), MOHAMAD (2008), JANA (2008)

OUR STORY - MAY 2017: We had to leave our home in Idlib when it was bombarded with snipers and hit with heavy shelling. Even though my dad has a university degree, it is still hard to find good work in a new place. Me and my siblings all go to school but sell sweets in the streets to make extra money to help our family. We are doing so well in school, and we are all ranking at the top of our classes. Thanks Karam!”- Mustafa

UPDATE- OCTOBER 2017: “Summer is coming to an end but I am so excited to go back to school! Over the summer, me and my brothers and sisters visited Karam House. I learned about acting and flying, my favorite things. We also swam a lot this summer because it was so hot! I am in a new school now, but most of my old friends moved with me. Our new school even gave us new stationary for the year! My goal is to rank first this year - I know I can do it!” -Mustafa

UPDATE- DECEMBER 2017: “We have a good system in school and the teachers treat us very well. My brother and parents help me in my homeworks, while Jana also asks her friends at school for help. I go to a Syrian school while the rest of my siblings go to a Turkish one; they have no trouble understanding their classes and have many Turkish friends. Mustafa and I go to Karam house on regular basis and work on some projects in Karam Lab.” – Kamel. 

UPDATE- APRIL 2018: “My siblings and i are enjoying school. Sometimes I face some difficulties with physics so I visit a senior student and she helps me. My favorite subject is Arabic. I love acting, while Kamel loves building and inventing things.  I look up to the wrestler John Cena. I enjoy my mornings because the weather is beautiful, and I have a good time with my friends on our way to school.” - Mustafa. 

UPDATE- AUGUST 2018: “This past school term I made friends with all the good kids in school. In another world, if I was a teacher I would make sure to be gentle with the students and if any of them didn’t understand the lesson I would make sure to go over it again to help them understand better. The lion is my favorite animal while Kamel loves the Gorilla and Mohamad loves elephants. I want to become an actor one day. During the summer I attended a Turkish language course and photography workshop at Karam House. My project consisted of a hat for the head to hold the camera in place. My best memory this summer was our trip with Karam to the zoo in Gaziantep.” - Mustafa

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2018: “School is going very well! I get along well with the Turkish students. I am facing some difficulties in physics, chemistry, history, and geography. My friend Jameel is always making me laugh with his words and actions! In five years, I see myself in college studying acting. I’ll tell myself look at how far you’ve come and will encourage myself to keep going. If I could send a message to the world, I would tell them if they have an idea they must try to reach it.”   - Mustafa

UPDATE - APRIL 2019: “My favorite place in school is the classroom, especially the math classroom, because the teacher does math competitions. I feel strongest when my teacher asks the class a question, and no one knows it but me! During the mid-year break from school, I went with my friends to the lake. I love hanging out with my friends Jameel and Hasan. I have so much fun with them because we’ve been friends for three years! ” - Mustafa 

UPDATE - OCTOBER 2019: "I've been working really hard on my Turkish, and as a result, my Turkish has improved a ton! I can hold conversations now really easily. It's really cool to be able to speak more than one language!" - Mustafa


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