OUR FAMILY: KHALED (2004), RAHMA (2007), GHOUFRAN (2008), HIBA (2015)

OUR STORY - APRIL 2018: “My school is so beautiful with pink walls and a large courtyard. I really enjoy science because I get to learn about animals! I love to spend my time singing and acting in musicals. I have so many friends, some who we act in plays together. We acted out Cinderella! I also play with my Turkish friends in our neighborhood and I get to practice my Turkish! My hero is Sindibad, as his stories are magical and out of this world. “ - Rahma

UPDATE- AUGUST 2018: “During the World Cup this year, I cheered for Brazil and France! My favorite animal is the bird. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they also sound so nice. Ghoufran is raising three baby chicks. This summer I attended workshops at Karam House and also enrolled in the English language course. My best memory during the break was going to the pool with my friends.” - Khaled. 

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2018: “School is good, and I like the way my teachers teach. I’ve learned how to speak Turkish well, but I’m facing difficulty in math. My friend Mohammed is always making me laugh! My favorite moment was when the principal got made at the students - his face turned red, and the students started laughing! In five years, I see myself in college studying medicine, and I’ll be telling myself that there is nothing that’s impossible. If I could send a message to the world, it would be that anyone who works hard will accomplish what they want.” - Khaled

UPDATE - APRIL 2019: “During the mid-year break from school, I played with my friends and attended a course on developing kitchen tools at Karam House. We made a multipurpose spoon. I feel strongest when I finish something, like I did with my project! I’d like to learn how to draw, and I love teaching others how to swim - I’ve already taught three of my friends! ” - Khaled 

UPDATE- OCTOBER 2019: “I'm doing really well in school. The teachers are really proud of my ability in Turkish. In fact, they say I’m one of the best in the class! That really made me happy as I put so much work into learning Turkish, and its good to see the work pay off. We also recently moved into a nicer, bigger house, which is really exciting!” - Khaled


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