White Helmets

Karam Foundation supports the White Helmets' efforts of saving lives in Syria. These brave men and women risk their lives to pull out victims of barrel bombs out of the rubble and destruction. The White Helmets rescue workers believe that saving one life is like saving all of humanity. To date, the White Helmets volunteers have saved over 22 thousand lives. Karam is proud and humbled to be able to support their humanitarian efforts in any way we can.


  • Provided 11 ambulances

  • Refurbished 2 ambulances

  • provided Emergency aid

  • support for the White Helmet, Alaa and his efforts to feed 150 homeless cats in Aleppo

  • winter relief for the white helmets team in aleppo for the 2015/2016 winter (includes winter clothes and heating fuel)

  • supported in advocacy efforts for the white helmets and their noble cause

  • met with the white helmets team in new york city as well as their istanbul office

IN 2016: Karam plans to continue fundraising for the White Helmets through our Heroes Campaign that aims to purchase 5 ambulances. We have already raised funds for two of these ambulances. Each ambulance costs $15,000. We will also continue to provide emergency aid to the White Helmets in the form of fuel, clothing, and food this summer.



The White Helmets is a Syria Campaign initiative